Using Zoom

Zoom Cloud Meetings is a teleconferencing App which offers the ability to connect groups of people together over distance using video and audio..

The best set of full documentation we’ve found so far is from Lions International in the UK.
Click here to see a “Dummies Guide to Zoom” also have an excellent series of videos;

Following are some basic instructions for installing Zoom and using Zoom to join a meeting

These instructions are basic and will not be 100% accurate (or may even be slightly out of order) as Zoom and the Zoom instructions are changing almost daily as they tighten up on security and privacy. You will have to read screens carefully to complete the process! Be patient and take your time.

Installing Zoom Cloud Meetings

If you are accessing Zoom teleconferences regularly, we recommend that you install the Zoom App on your device (phone, tablet, PC or Laptop)

NB: We do not recommend that you join/register using your Facebook Id or “using Google”. To limit the amount of information vendors can share, use the email address option & a secure password and please also use your full name on your account.

Apple Devices (iPad or iPhone)

If you use an Apple device (iPad or iPhone), please go to the App Store, download Zoom Cloud Meetings and register. Don’t leave this step until just before the meeting!

Android Devices (Smartphones and Tablets)

If you use an Android device (tablet or smartphone), please go to the Play Store, download Zoom Cloud Meetings and register. Don’t leave this step until just before the meeting!.

Windows Devices (PCs and Laptops)

If you are planning to use a Windows PC or laptop, no preparation is necessary – you can simply click the url given in the Meeting Invitation and it will run through your default browser. However, you should have a working camera and microphone (almost all laptops already do!). 

If your PC doesn’t have a microphone, see below for special joining instructions.

If you think you might be using Zoom a lot, we recomend you can go to and download/install the Zoom App onto your PC/laptop (and register)
This is optional for PCs and laptops but you will get more capabilities. 

The process for getting signed up looks something like this (it keeps changing!)

  • Go to
  • Click the orange Sign Up for free button
  • Enter the required information (your email address) and Zoom will send you an email. This email address is also your Zoom Account Name
  • Open the email you were sent and click the Activate button to activate your account
  • At this point you need to join a meeting to progress further. Do this step at least 10 minutes before your meeting is due to start. Go to and click Join a Meeting. Enter the Meeting Number is requested
  • Allow the Download to proceed and then click the Zoom….exe file to start the local installation. This will then install the Zoom App on your PC (if you are asked if Zoom can make changes to your PC, the answer is yes/OK)
  • You will be asked to enter your full name and a password for your account
  • If you can’t find the Zoom App after the installation is completed, it’s under “Z” in the Start Menu (or click the magnifying glass and type ZOOM)
  • Once the Zoom App is running, use the Join a Meeting using the Zoom App instructions below.

Joining a Zoom Meeting using the Zoom App

For Apple & Android Devices (iPhones/iPads, Smartphones & Tablets)
and anyone using the Zoom App on a PC or Laptop

About 5 minutes before the meeting is scheduled to start…

  • Start the Zoom App on your device (and sign in if required)
  • Tap or Click the Join icon
  • Enter the Meeting ID for the appropriate session (9 or 10 digit no.)
  • Make sure your full name is displayed (tap and modify if necessary)
  • Tap or Click Join
  • Tap or Click Join with Video
  • Tap or Click Call using Internet Audio

The Session Leader will formally start the session at the prescribed time

Joining a Zoom Meeting using your Browser

This works on any device but is normally only used on PCs and Laptops
Any browser will work (MS Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera…)
About 5 minutes before the meeting is scheduled to start..

  • Click the url for the meeting
    • or copy/paste the url into your browser and press Enter
  • When the Zoom screen appears, look for and click the small blue “join from your browser”
  • Enter your Full Name and click Join
  • After a few seconds, click Join Audio by Computer
    • If asked, allow Zoom access to your microphone
  • Click the Start Video icon at the bottom left of your screen
    • If asked, allow Zoom access to your video/camera

The Session Leader will formally start the session at the prescribed time

Joining a Zoom Meeting with no Microphone

Many older PCs don’t have a built-in camera or microphone. If you have one lying around in a box, now is a good time to connect it up!

There is however a way you can still participate fully in Zoom Meetings although without a camera, your face won’t be seen.

  • Connect to the Meeting as instructed above for your device using the Meeting ID. You will have to ignore any messages about microphones and cameras
  • Once you are in the Meeting, you should be able to see and hear the Meeting Host and other participants on your screen. If you don’t have speakers, you won’t yet be able to hear them
  • Using your house phone or mobile phone, dial the local Zoom number given in the Meeting invitation (and shown below).
    On a housephone you will be asked to enter the Meeting ID – this is the one you used earlier on your PC (and will be in your Meeting Invitation). When asked for your own ID either enter your PMI for your Zoom Account or just bypass it.
    On a mobile phone, you can enter the Meeting ID as part of the number you you enter on your mobile (see below).
    If you enter your PMI, you Account Name will appear on the participants window otherwise your phone number will.
    New Zealand’s Zoom phone numbers are:

    • Mobile
      +6448860026,,meeting id#     <==Wellington Area
      +6498846780,,meeting id#     <==Auckland Area
    • House Phone
      +64 4 886 0026      <==Wellington Area
      +64 9 884 6780      <==Auckland Area
      and then follow the instructions
  • Use * 6 to Unmute your telephone to speak and remember to use * 6 to mute it again when you’ve finished. 
  • The other participants won’t be able to see you but you will be able to see them, hear them and speak to the Meeting as required.
  • You will notice you are also now showing as a additional “participant” with a telephone handset instead of your picture

In all cases, we recommend that you have your device’s power supply plugged in and turned on as the video will drain your battery faster than you might think!