What’s next?

Trends 2014 arrowWhat is happening out there in the wide world of communication? What devices are we using? and where are we heading?

To be sure things do not stand still, and the usage of computing devices including smartphones is ever increasing as is the impact of the internet. If you read ‘All things Internet’ you know which direction that

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Heartbleed–the bug, will it affect you?



By now you have read about the socalled Heartbleed bug which causes significant vulnerability to a number of websites and if infected can let attackers gain access to your password and trick you into using false websites.

Deutsch: Logo von Yahoo

The known affected sites include Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Netflix and Tumblr which have announced that the problem on their sites has been fixed, but users should change their passwords. In is yet to be known whether personal data is in any way compromised.

To understand the size of the potential problem

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Social Media changes we can expect to see this year

like us on FJust as our horizons for computers and tablets have been stretched during the past year with the changing technology trends, you can expect to see changes for Social Media.

The implications for our members interested in easy ways to keeping the finger on the pulse is

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