WWW celebrating 25 years

Tim Berners-Lee at a Podcast InterviewImagine, just 25 years since the World Wide Web invented by Tim Berners-Lee came into being. Tim, or more correctly Timothy John Berners-Lee was born in 1955 in London, UK and became a computer scientist and originally proposed the introduction of a management information system in 1989 that could be used to communicate between an HTTP client and server via the internet, basically what we today know as the World Wide Web.

Today he is the much decorated director of the World Wide Web Consortium in Southampton, but back in 1989 he was working at CERN in Switzerland [the ones with the Hadron collider] as a fellow and CERN had the largest Internet node in Europe at the time so Tim managed to put together things like hypertext, internet, multifont text object, and connect it all to the transmission Control Protocol and domain name system and presto you have the WWW.

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Choosing your web-browser ~ Modern, Safe, Fast, and Free

World-Wide-Web-browsing ☛ Read the "Choosing your web-browser ~ Modern, Safe, Fast, and Free" post

“Choosing your web-browser ~ Modern, Safe, Fast, and Free. Gain more web-browsing satisfaction from your modern, safe, fast, and free, web-browser in-use and experience your on-line life-style in high fidelity ~ the way technology means for you to thrive on the world-wide-web.”

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