Kuini: Still going strong at SeniorNet

March 2014 marked the closure of the Waikanae/Otaki SeniorNet Inc and the beginning of another chapter in my life. Waikanae/Otaki merged into SeniorNet Kapiti and membership was automatically transferred to Kapiti.

Matenga Train Leaves Waikanae StationIn the weeks leading up to the closure, I was asked on several occasions if I was considering staying with Kapiti SeniorNet. My standard reply was….”I don’t know how to get there – I don’t drive!” To be quite frank, I convinced myself that commuting from Waikanae to Raumati Beach via public transport was definitely not on my agenda. I got tired just thinking about it.

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Newsletter – February 2014

News from the Chairthrone

Welcome to the New Year, and here at Kapiti SeniorNet it is as hectic as usual trying to fit you all into your chosen courses. Do please be quick as many of the courses are filling up fast.
Phone Teresa (04) 2983132 or send an email to kapiti@seniornet.co.nz to book your place.

Courses run this term:

Introduction to Computers (Beginners),

Managing Data,

What Can I Do On My PC,

Demystifying Windows 8

Using Word Successfully

Managing and Editing Photos

Also, Workshops for iPad and Android tablets, ‘How Do I…?’ and ‘Question and Answer’.

Check the descriptions of the courses here.
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Answer to life, the universe and everything

Goodbye 2013With the year 2013 ebbing fast you have hopefully enjoyed the past year and filled up on new knowledge at SeniorNet Kapiti as well as had some fun with fellow students on one of many sessions run during the year.

2014 promises to be not just more of the same, as with more topics being added to the learning list and tweaking and updating of existing courses and workshops to ensure best possible outcome for our members SeniorNet Kapiti frankly expects

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SeniorNet Waikanae/Otaki joins SeniorNet Kapiti

We are delighted to welcome the members of Waikanae/Otaki SeniorNet who have now joined with Kapiti SeniorNet to truly encompass the whole of the region from Paekakariki in the South to Otaki in the North.

Meanwhile, all paid-up members of SeniorNet Waikanae/Otaki  automatically become members of Kapiti SeniorNet with the same rights to take up courses and workshops at the Learning Centre in Paraparaumu as the Kapiti members,  and we look forward to seeing you at 200 Matai Road in the near future.

There are of course quite a few matters to attend to in order to make the amalgamation successful which we hope to accomplish over the coming months so the legalities are sorted before the end of the financial year to allow us to move forward stronger and better than ever.

The Learning Centre in Waikanae is expected to continue but this will depend on the availability of tutors who will conduct selected courses there and we hope to learn more about the likely utilization we can expect from the Waikanae Centre and to gauge the economics of operating two centres.

We also – and in particular – ask all Waikanae/Otaki  tutors and would-be tutors who wish to become part of the new and larger SeniorNet to please contact us so that training or familiarization sessions can be arranged for the courses being offered.

Lastly, but not least, we look forward to the new combined era of cooperation, something talked about for a long time, and now accomplished, come meet some nice people and gain new learning and as a tutor help enhance the lives of your fellow seniors.

Barry Bailey, Chairman