TV time Extra

ChannelsAt the request of one of our readers who asked for more information on uses of new TV, extra features and attachments to TV, I have compiled a few lines of info which may well turn out to be more than you’d wished for. It should be noted that On-Line available material can also be viewed on a TV with the right attachment, see later. You may be surprised at the mass of entertainment available to you on-line nowadays.

Below I have listed 3 categories. i.e. “Free of charge”, “Pay per view” and “Subscription based”. Have fun.
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TV time

ultra-tvDid you enjoy your Christmas break and given the uncertain weather how about all the reruns on the TV for your entertainment?

With a new up to the minute TV you would at least have had great viewing from a purely visual aspect of the programmes offered, but if not what should we be looking for in our next TV to get the best picture?


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