Newsletter – September 2013

 Coastlands Day and Open DaysCoastland

This week we present SeniorNet to our community. On Tuesday, 24/9 from 9am to 4:30pm there will be a SeniorNet table in Coastlands. The Learning Centre will be open on Thursday, 26/9 from 9:30-2pm and on Saturday, 28/9 from 10am till 2pm. Bring your friends or just pop in and let us know how you are getting on. How is your latest gadget behaving – maybe you have discovered some new tricks you can share with us?

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Federation Newsletter – April 2013

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Newsletter – March 2013

Have you got that new tablet yet? “No not the one you swallow every morning,” but the latest computer that you hold in your hand, keep in your purse and can use in so many ways. The tablet workshops have become very popular, with 22 attending the iPad workshop which included 4 new members and a further 16 attending the Android session which also had 2 new members. Continue reading

Newsletter – February 2013


The response to our two Open Days on Thursday 14th and Saturday 16th was fantastic. Thanks to those Tutors and Committee Members who gave of their time on both days to greet prospective members as they arrived and then go about explaining  to them the various courses available to suit their needs. Lois, Lois and Margaret were kept busy all day accepting membership and course fees.

This excellent response to our promotion of our Open Days really bought home to us

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What will the next iteration of Windows become?

Ah, you say, why on earth start talking about the next version of Windows, we are still using Windows XP?Windows XP Penguin

Really, but XP was launched about 12 years ago and is destined for the scrapheap in short order, and since then we have had Vista, Windows 7 and now Windows 8 plus Windows RT and Windows Pro, the last two for the newer devices like smartphones and tablets.

You’d think that

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