2019 – What’s up tech-wise?


Crystal ball gazing has never been an exact science in spite of modern tech and Artificial Intelligence to help with the right kind of algorithms.

A look at what is on offer and more to the point what is likely to come our way in 2019 all without AI to help may be way off but here it is. The first on my list is

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Disrupting our lives

digital-disruptionIt is not that technology has changed our lives, we can all agree on that, but more it is the speed with which our lives have been disrupted by the incessant and relentless changes that technology and innovation has brought about.

Time to get used to almost constant digital disruption is in short supply, and for an ageing population having to accommodate so many new ways and indeed many new demands on our brains and time will leave a proportion opting out, many more struggling with the new – mostly technology driven – changes, and others like members of SeniorNet bravely tackling the learning process and breaking down the barriers.

One of my more concerning thoughts is

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Windows 10 – Handy tips

Tips and tricksSo you have upgraded to Windows 10 already and are familiar with what it has to offer.

If you are up-to-date you now have what Microsoft calls Build No. 10565 installed or updated automatically to your PC.

If you are awaiting Kapiti SeniorNet’s call to upgrade then the following tips will come in handy once you are updated because Microsoft has not publicized them.


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Coping with technology changes? Learning in an exciting but challenging time.

Technology is a given

It won’t have escaped your attention that technology is changing rapidly and if you are one of our many new learners, new to the tablet or the laptop or the desktop computer you may already wonder what possessed you to want to learn how to use one of these yourself.

Even if you have been a computer owner over many years you are likely marvelling at the innovative gadgets now on offer, the must-have or can’t-live-without devices, then you recognize that it isn’t just the new hardware one must learn about, but also the

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Want a wearable computer? Can’t live without one?

smartwatchesWearable technology – the next or almost here future technology  is expected shortly to be pushed as the must-have device for staying in touch, and if you read the posting “the smart-watches are coming” you may already have decided that if it was good enough for Dick Tracy it is good enough for you too.

Apple has a big event scheduled later this month so don’t be surprised if

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