A trip down Memory Lane

A trip down M Lane

I remember IIIt really is nearly 30 years since Tim Berners-Lee gave the World the beginnings of the World Wide Web that has changed the way we live, do business, work and entertain, just about everything in the way it has impacted society.

In New Zealand back in 1961 the first computer was installed at Treasury [an IBM] but it took 20 years to 1981 before IBM gave us the PC and Bill Gates gave us the MS-DOS that was the first operating platform for the Personal Computer.

You may even remember the Commodore 64, the cheaper computer everyone loved and 1/3rd of the cost of an Apple II and an IBM PC, it might even have been


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Is technology running too fast?

Einstein quoteIt is a fact that the technological development has never been faster than it is now, yet the same has been said by every generation since the industrial revolution and every generation has been correct for the development has been faster each time.

Is it a bit of a nightmare? Has the cost to our society become clear to us? Do you have problems following the development or is it now left to an uberclass of technological experts whilst it is over the heads of the rest of us?

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