What’s next?

Trends 2014 arrowWhat is happening out there in the wide world of communication? What devices are we using? and where are we heading?

To be sure things do not stand still, and the usage of computing devices including smartphones is ever increasing as is the impact of the internet. If you read ‘All things Internet’ you know which direction that

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Now there’s a wrinkle

Among seniors we do occasionally find the odd wrinkle, the laughter lines, the crow’s feet, and now even the very young are showing their ‘techneck’ lines. What, you ask, is a techneck? It is the lines around the neck and chin caused by the compulsion of looking down at their smartphones, tablets or other handheld devices every day.

Techneck Customer Shots 2.jpg

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Seniors and tech choices, decisions, decisions…

It is a bit of a surprise that quite so many Seniors have decided to invest in tablets for their communication needs as the attendance at our iPad and Android workshops shows.

senior-woman-confused-by-tablet-computerMaybe it should not have come as that much of a surprise considering the popularity generally of the small computers and that includes also laptops/notebooks or indeed devices we can classify as portable computers.

You might rightly argue that smartphones and phablets are getting awfully close to the same classification since they are more computers than phones.

But what are all these devices and how can you choose?

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Newsletter – April 2013

Well term 1 has gone and we are about to start term 2 offering a variety of courses so go to the Courses offered for May-July 2013 and checkout the new time table and for the  Workshops May-July 2013. Select your course and email kapiti@seniornet.co.nz or ring Teresa on 04 2983132 to book a place. Hurry as classes are filling fast.


Autumn Colours

iPad and Android Tablet  Workshops

Contact Ian McLuckie with your iPad questions at ianmcl@paradise.net.nz. and Android questions to Pat Stephens pat2utor@paradise.net.nz . If you are thinking of buying a tablet and are not sure as to what type or size is best suited for you then pop into one of the workshops and see the tablets working.

Next iPad workshop Monday 2.00 – 4.00 on 13th May and the Android workshop is on Thursday 9th May 1.00 – 3.00. The fee for each workshop is $5.00.

A warm welcome to Veronica and Teresa who have joined the tutors, we are looking  forward to working with them. This has to be one of the best ways to keep up with the latest technical advances so why not give it a go. You will be given all the training and assistance required. If you wish you can sit in on a session. Email Lois at jandl.brinck@paradise.net.nz or phone 04 2987797.

Subscriptions are now due : If paid by the 31st May single: $25.00 / Double: $45.00

After 31st May single: $30.00.

The Editor Bazza.

Newsletter – March 2013

Have you got that new tablet yet? “No not the one you swallow every morning,” but the latest computer that you hold in your hand, keep in your purse and can use in so many ways. The tablet workshops have become very popular, with 22 attending the iPad workshop which included 4 new members and a further 16 attending the Android session which also had 2 new members. Continue reading