TV time Extra

ChannelsAt the request of one of our readers who asked for more information on uses of new TV, extra features and attachments to TV, I have compiled a few lines of info which may well turn out to be more than you’d wished for. It should be noted that On-Line available material can also be viewed on a TV with the right attachment, see later. You may be surprised at the mass of entertainment available to you on-line nowadays.

Below I have listed 3 categories. i.e. “Free of charge”, “Pay per view” and “Subscription based”. Have fun.
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Can your eyes cope with yet more?

This is for TV addicts, the opportunity to increase your choice of selections of programmes available to fill your idle moments when the phone is quiet, the tablet out of reach and the emails and the updates to facebook on the computer have been dealt with.

You may have heard or read about Chromecast, Airtame or Apple TV, gadgets that can be added to your TV to allow you to stream movies or episodes made for TV and show them on your big screen rather than on the computer or laptop; useful if others would like to see the chosen movie with you.

But what are these gadgets and what do they do?

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