Is Technology shaping us and the future?

AIWe have talked quite a bit about Artificial Intelligence as well as technology in a broader sense [AI under the loup] and the inventions of the personal computer, the tablet and smartphone has certainly shaped our lives, and yes, Kapiti SeniorNet wouldn’t be around today to assist you without them.

When the economic revolution in the century from 1870 to 1970 took place, the speed of innovation was quite breath-taking, but since then has not in fact had the same pace or been as deep or wide. This in spite of the impact of our computing devices on our daily life and work.

I was reminded of this today when a son of mine moving abode was stressed over

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A look at the future?

HighBillIf you, like me, open the power bill with some trepidation and wonder how it can be so expensive, then you may also have wondered what is in the wind [no pun intended] to make future power usage a bit easier on the pocket.

It is notoriously difficult to foretell what in the future may be invented or existing ideas brought to fruition. For example no one foresaw the internet, the smartphones or for that matter the fall of the Berlin Wall or today’s use of fracking let alone the effects these events had.

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