Catch that infection and you are going to feel sick

malware_photo_103870Let’s refresh our knowledge of Virus, not the medical kind, but the Computer kind, and let’s see if we are up to date with protection for our computing devices. The reason for re-visiting the subject is because so many SeniorNet members these day are using tablets and phones either in addition to their desktop or as their sole computing device.

We all know that they are out there, the hackers with their malicious intent, whose idea of fun is to make your life difficult. Fortunately there are a number of free antivirus programmes that will protect you, and if the worst happens there are tools for removing an infection.

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Windows 8– One month on

Windows 8

According to Microsoft in their Blog of Nov.27 they have now sold 40 million licences for Windows 8 operating system in just one month.

Windows 7 Instalación

On the one hand they have sold faster than Windows 7 did, even bearing in mind that there were many who, when it came to upgrade from XP, decided to wait rather than upgrade to Vista, and so boosted the numbers for W7.

One also has to keep in mind that the number of licences quoted as sold include those sold to manufacturers and industry as well as individuals upgrading to W8, so many have not reached the end-users yet.

It took about 2 1/2 months to sell 60 million licences for W7 back in 2009, so the W8 sales are much faster, but at a significantly lower price.

laptop-mobile-phone-tablet-pc-and-gps-3dAs mentioned before Microsoft is attempting to link the 3 types of communications devices prominently in use, the W8 Smartphone, the ‘Surface’ Tablet and the Windows PC, maybe also the GPS, and particularly in the growth areas of phones and tablets where up to now the market has been dominated by Apple and the Android devices. If they are successful they will be the first to achieve this milestone.

So whilst many have written off the PC market it seems there is plenty of life in it yet, 40 million licences attest to that.

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