Coping with technology changes? Learning in an exciting but challenging time.

Technology is a given

It won’t have escaped your attention that technology is changing rapidly and if you are one of our many new learners, new to the tablet or the laptop or the desktop computer you may already wonder what possessed you to want to learn how to use one of these yourself.

Even if you have been a computer owner over many years you are likely marvelling at the innovative gadgets now on offer, the must-have or can’t-live-without devices, then you recognize that it isn’t just the new hardware one must learn about, but also the

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Social Media changes we can expect to see this year

like us on FJust as our horizons for computers and tablets have been stretched during the past year with the changing technology trends, you can expect to see changes for Social Media.

The implications for our members interested in easy ways to keeping the finger on the pulse is

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To be or not to be –

a member of Facebook or Twitter, that is the question.

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Social Media is much more than fashion phenomena in our time. You may remember that Twitter in particular was an essential part of the Arab spring, and has been so in other social and political developments in these past few years.

Facebook has got millions of users around the world, a fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed. The new media is used in unbelievably

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A balancing Act


Image by cobalt123 via Flickr

Have you been told that technology can solve all your communication problems and bring us all closer together, so that increasing loneliness for us of the older generation is less likely?

Well, that may just be a lot of hooey, because some recent figures from Australia seems to show that it is the young people who feel the loneliest. Some 42% who used the now common Facebook, Twitter, Emails and Text messaging claimed to be lonely whilst only 11% who used just one of these felt lonely.

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