Smartphone chat

smartphones-pileNot everyone is a smartphone owner or user and many may have no thoughts of acquiring one. Nevertheless,  the smartphone has been on the market for the past 10 years, yes really, so maybe it is time to look at what makes a smartphone and what makes it tick.

If you already have such a device, and I know that many of you do, you will forgive me for backgrounding a bit, and if you are thinking of perhaps joining the ranks then what can you expect to find.

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Ring a ding ding

smartphonesYou no longer need to feel unloved and unwanted just because your 8 year old grandson thinks you know nothing about smartphones and he knows it all.

Because here is a little – well, not so little –  list of of the jargon he likes to spout and which leaves you wondering what on earth he is talking about. The same will apply if you head into the phone store to check out the possible purchase of a new mobile and are assailed with a lot of words which till now have been more like volapyk [a constructed language] to you.

Here we go:

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