Windows 10 Anniversary update

Windows 10 ScreenWindows 10 is nearly one year old come July and we expect an update to come out to all of you who have switched to 10 in the past nine months. The Update will be free for users [non-business] including those using W7 and 8, but not after July when you need to pay for an upgrade.

What can we expect to see in the birthday edition?

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Coping with technology changes? Learning in an exciting but challenging time.

Technology is a given

It won’t have escaped your attention that technology is changing rapidly and if you are one of our many new learners, new to the tablet or the laptop or the desktop computer you may already wonder what possessed you to want to learn how to use one of these yourself.

Even if you have been a computer owner over many years you are likely marvelling at the innovative gadgets now on offer, the must-have or can’t-live-without devices, then you recognize that it isn’t just the new hardware one must learn about, but also the

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From Hotmail to Outlook

Hotmail logoOne of the popular email providers is Hotmail, and in preparation for Windows 8 Microsoft has decided to do a bit of renovation of their Hotmail net based mail programme and make some address changes.

The new design will seem quite familiar if you use Outlook for your e-mail and will make Hotmail seem cleaner and of course will have built-in access to social networks like Facebook, Google, Twitter and the business oriented LinkedIn.

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