Newsletter December 2021

From the Chair

Hello everyone, 

This is SeniorNet Kapiti’s last newsletter for the year and what a year its been!

Recently a number of tutors were busy at the Paraparaumu Library, helping people in the community to register for their Vaccine Pass and to download the pass to their smartphone. We saw a few SeniorNet members, who popped in with good cheer, and to let us know what classes they would like to attend at the Learning Centre in the New Year.

We are looking forward to face-to-face classes, and also to hear all about your experiences with your digital learning, over the past months. Again, I would also like to say a huge thank you to our Members for supporting SeniorNet throughout the year.

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2018 – The Future is already here

So much has happened this year that to make an intelligent guess at what we might encounter in 2018 and beyond has become increasingly difficult.

Technology develops very fast, some would say that it is destroying the most important asset in our lives, and that is Time.

Because our time is limited, although some might argue that the more time we have the more opportunities we have to enjoy life and fulfilment. Yet what matters is not how much time we have, but how we spend it, the quality of our experiences depends not on how many hours are in the day, rather on how we used those hours.

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Are you up to date with Windows 10?

Win 10 BackgroundQuite a few things have happened with Windows 10 Operating System since you upgraded to 10 from whichever version you previously had on your computer, or you may have bought a new PC or laptop with Windows 10 already installed. Either way you may like to check if you are indeed up-to-date with the latest version.

The reason for doing that is partly for security and partly to get any new function in updates working for you and partly to correct any bugs in the previous iteration.

I do hope that you are using Windows 10 and upgraded when Microsoft two years ago offered to do that for you,

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Clarke’s third Law and a bit of Magic

clarke-s-first-law‘Clarke’ refers to Arthur C Clarke, the British SciFi writer, who formulated 3 adages commonly known as ‘Clarke’s three laws’ of which the third law is the best known and most widely cited: ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’.

It first appeared back in 1973 in one of his essays and as for the ‘magic’ he later said that while he “would have believed anyone who told him back in 1962 that there would one day exist a book-sized object capable of holding the content of an entire library, he would never have accepted that the same device could find a page or word in a second and then convert it into any typeface and size”.

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The Format War

flatpanel TVAre you in the market for a new TV? And wondering what the latest innovations are all about? Because it hasn’t been an easy task to keep track of what the newer sets coming onto the market had to offer that was significantly different to your previous set.

You may well have wondered what 3D TV was all about, well forget it, never really caught on. Then there was 4K TV with 4 times the pixels of the 1080p format, supposedly so much better, but frankly the socalled advantages are imperceptible, even if you squint.

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