Safari and Google-snooping

Safari LogoSafari is Apple’s browser and is used in iPhones as well as Computers and iPads, and its use is not confined to Apple devices alone. One of its advantages is that it automatically stops third party cookies being placed on the device where the browser is used.

So you thought you were protected from nosey cookies [see the post about Cookies], but somehow Google managed to sneak a cookie onto Safari users’ computers bypassing the the cookie rejection settings.

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Choosing your web-browser ~ Modern, Safe, Fast, and Free

World-Wide-Web-browsing ☛ Read the "Choosing your web-browser ~ Modern, Safe, Fast, and Free" post

“Choosing your web-browser ~ Modern, Safe, Fast, and Free. Gain more web-browsing satisfaction from your modern, safe, fast, and free, web-browser in-use and experience your on-line life-style in high fidelity ~ the way technology means for you to thrive on the world-wide-web.”

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