Using WiFi at Home

wi-fi fon hotspot base station

If you use Use WiFi at home for your computers or a combination of tablets/ smartphones/ computers then you are well aware of the importance of having a secure and private setup at your house.

Just to check that you have taken the necessary steps take a few minutes to read this article by Google and view the short video attached, and even if you are not sure you have got it right there is always SeniorNet Kapiti to turn to at their Q&A sessions for some extra advice.

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Click here for the article and video


Get microwaved while you sleep

I was reminded the other day of the endless discussion about the danger of using mobile phones, with one side declaring that their use would lead to tumours on the brain, and the other [mostly Telcos] that they were harmless, and don’t worry.

English: Cell phone tower near the village of ...

Since the first cell phones the power used in transmission has been greatly reduced lowering the risk, but the nagging thought is still there that were you to use a cell phone as extensively as some do would it still be quite safe long term?

Now something that has caused a great deal of international interest from well-known researchers from England, Sweden, the Netherlands and others is a simple biology experiment of such genius that it has stirred acknowledged biologists and radiation experts. Continue reading