Are we there yet?

Following the events of the past week you may well ask what happened to all the clever people’s prognostications and how the media could get things so wrong. Our interest, of course, is tech oriented and you may think it has nothing to do with politics in the USA.

Alas, it seems everything has to do with politics in the US, as over in Portugal’s capital Lisbon at the Web Summit Conference where 50,000 participants are gathered to celebrate their achievements within the technology sphere and to exchange ideas, discuss trends and brag about the latest innovations making life easier, greener and more enjoyable, the timing coincided with the election of the new President Elect.


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And now the scary stuff

One particular area of technology previously mentioned in the posts here on Kapiti SeniorNet is Robotics, not new I grant you, but with increasing impact on economics, way of life, productivity and employment.

The video following takes about 15 minutes to watch and the narrator speaks quite fast and in the end you may think it won’t affect you at our age, but I read to-day that even driverless cars are expected here within 2 years.

Changes are afoot.


Makes you think, eh?