Microsoft’s Taking Away My Ice Cream!

I have a theory that you should never give an ice cream to a child and then try to take it back again! Why? Do I really need to explain? No, I didn’t think so!

Well our dear friends at Microsoft don’t seem to know about my Ice Cream Theory and they have just announced that they are going to strip away some of the free OneDrive Storage that they gave us in the past and drop us all back to 5Gb. Now this isn’t a political forum so I won’t get started on how I feel about this but suffice it to say I am VERY pleased to be able to describe to you how to prevent this unfair and unreasonable behavior! If you have OneDrive Storage you should read on… Continue reading

Storing your stuff –Where?

cloud_storageUp to now you may have stored all your documents and worksheets on your hard drive in your computer, or if you use a tablet or smart-phone you may have elected to use one the cloud storage services to overcome the problem of  insufficient storage capacity on your device.

As a member of Kapiti SeniorNet you may have been shown how to use OneDrive, Microsoft’s answer to cloud storage, but there are quite a number of other options well worth taking a look at. Continue reading