Nokia revisited

nokia_650Two years ago Nokia’s device and services business was sold to Microsoft for 7.9 billion US dollars putting an end to the Lumia brand of phones and tablets, although only one tablet was ever marketed. The phones, however, were worldbeaters and no doubt Microsoft saw the buy-out as an easy way to get their Windows phone accepted and volume sales achieved. The Microsoft Lumia 650 is the latest Windows 10 smartphone marketed by Microsoft.

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Heads to roll and rumours

Satya NadellaAt Kapiti SeniorNet as at all circles interested in computing and technology  much has been talked about the second coming or rather Microsoft’s next iteration of their Windows 8  operating system, the when and the what.

It is by now well known that their new boss Satya Nadella is talking about big changes for the Microsoft organization which could mean anything from introducing a new business model to cutting their cloth to fit a slimmed down model.

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Federation Newsletter – April 2013

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