Taking your phone overseas?

smartphones1A friend of mine, recently retired, is planning an overseas holiday and was wondering what the best way of staying in touch with the family and business interest were that would not send him into bankruptcy. Having read some of the stories coming out in the paper of horrendous bills incurred when ‘roaming’ on the mobile phone overseas, it was a good question and one not that easy to give a straight answer to.

That is because where you are going and for how long you plan to stay in one country is quite important for finding the better affordable solution, and each phone connection provider has its own plan which in turn may depend on the contract or plan you have with the provider.

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What’s next?

Trends 2014 arrowWhat is happening out there in the wide world of communication? What devices are we using? and where are we heading?

To be sure things do not stand still, and the usage of computing devices including smartphones is ever increasing as is the impact of the internet. If you read ‘All things Internet’ you know which direction that

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Get microwaved while you sleep

I was reminded the other day of the endless discussion about the danger of using mobile phones, with one side declaring that their use would lead to tumours on the brain, and the other [mostly Telcos] that they were harmless, and don’t worry.

English: Cell phone tower near the village of ...

Since the first cell phones the power used in transmission has been greatly reduced lowering the risk, but the nagging thought is still there that were you to use a cell phone as extensively as some do would it still be quite safe long term?

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Telstra – Win and Lose

Telstra SuperGold Card

Telstra SuperGold Card

The good news is that Telstra has come up with an offer of a SuperGold rechargeable phone card for cheaper National and overseas toll calls, so if you are a frequent user of toll calls this can save you money. Click her for the application form and details.

Doro struck out

The bad news is that Telstra’s offer of a free Doro mobile phone [for 2 years] for members of SeniorNet has ended. You can still get the phone from them, but regrettably not for free.