Previewing Windows 10

windows10So what happened to Windows 9?  I rather thought that was due out this month, alas, the new face of Windows is to be known as ‘10’, perhaps like Bo Derek in the film ‘Arthur’, something to aspire to for this release of Windows operating systems. I gather that Microsoft claimed that W10 was such a leap from 8 that calling it Windows 9 would not do it justice. Groan.

The new Windows10 appears to be a combination of Windows7 and 8 taking the better part of both and introducing new and major capabilities which overall looks endearing to the user and should make W-10 the best Windows OS yet.

At this stage only the technical preview has been made available and the finished product is now scheduled to be launched around June or July next year so much can yet be changed or modified before launch date.

The new pre-viewed OS seems

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Heads to roll and rumours

Satya NadellaAt Kapiti SeniorNet as at all circles interested in computing and technology  much has been talked about the second coming or rather Microsoft’s next iteration of their Windows 8  operating system, the when and the what.

It is by now well known that their new boss Satya Nadella is talking about big changes for the Microsoft organization which could mean anything from introducing a new business model to cutting their cloth to fit a slimmed down model.

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G’bye Windows ~ Hello Mac OS!

Concluding the truthful tale of a father (he, his and him) and son’s (I, me and mine) potential computing reconciliation after a dozen years’ difference of opinion including a decade-long back-story featuring epic arguments, heated disagreements, occasional truce, rare admissions, and 11th hour, last-minute cold-feet – where any and all personal detail shall remain permanently private. A mix of fact and indeed personal opinion (mine). An informal (hard-)case study – in (two) pieces.

Windows to Mac ☛ Read the 'G'bye Windows ~ Hello Mac OS!' post

“Herein a life-long Windows user changes his (computing) position.”
The title and intro may be described as overly optimistic by some esteemed readers. As a hybrid outcome is able to be seen as the prevailing situation, for now. Do appreciate the intention remains Apple clear and while the current update is mixed, the imagined, eventual and final, outcome is an Apple only computing future. And so shall we see . . .

And so it came to pass. But was it good?

In the beginning the word came from above, and it was good: Going Mac ~ Goodbye Windows? for those among you who would like to refresh themselves, or start afresh.

Finally, Apple refreshed their iMac ☛ offerings. His patience was sorely tested awaiting eventual availability (about one and a half years since the previous iMac hardware update) and then, at last (about another two months) for local delivery.

More about Apple ☛ iMac computers.

Yes, this concluding update is, long, overdue (about two years since the original story ~ Going Mac ~ Goodbye Windows?). And about one year since he accepted delivery of his brand new Apple iMac.Thank you for your patience. And so we begin . . to get happy 🙂

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Is your computer system at risk of infection?

TrojanThe answer is not straight forward, it comes down to which operating system you are using, e.g. is it Windows XP, Vista, or perhaps the newest Windows 8 that is installed on your trusted machine, and how well protected that system is?

I am talking about Microsoft’s operating systems here, not Apple’s OS, and the age of the systems counts when it comes to how vulnerable they are to being hacked.

Here at SeniorNet we still

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From Hotmail to Outlook

Windows Live Hotmail Logo

It is all but a fait-accompli as Microsoft has completed the move of all Hotmail users to the revamped Outlook web-mail, so if you are entering in your browser’s address bar you are automatically redirected to

Cómo configurar una cuenta de en i...

It has been quite an exercise to move 300 million accounts in the 6 weeks since it started and it wasn’t without a few headaches to the both users and to Microsoft, but given the magnitude of the project and the challenges it presented, plus keeping in touch with hundreds of millions of people affected, one has to say that it went quite well.

All the mailboxes were upgraded [=more than 150 million gigabytes of data], and every person’s mail, calendar, contacts information, folders, personal preferences had to be preserved, and if that wasn’t enough it had to be done with a live site experience that was handling billions of transactions a day.

The Hotmail addresses  – and if you are using mobile access also – these settings still work within, but otherwise it is the end of the now 17 years old Hotmail web service.


Those of you already into will have noted also the deeper integration with SkyDrive and its cloud storage.

It might all sound a bit confusing so if you’ll like to know more talk to SeniorNet Kapiti or roll up for a Q & A session with your questions. Check out the next one here.