The Paperless Office

Back in the 1980s I was working for a progressive overseas company that was determined to drag us all into the modern age by among other things introducing the paperless office.

Those were the days of the management gurus, you may remember Peter Drucker,  Tom Peters, Michal Porter and visionaries like Alvin Toffler, and they were very influential in shaping the way businesses were run and left quite a legacy that to some extent still survive today. Indeed some of  them are most likely still working for Consultancy firms or publishers of tomes on Management.

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SeniorNet Waikanae/Otaki joins SeniorNet Kapiti

We are delighted to welcome the members of Waikanae/Otaki SeniorNet who have now joined with Kapiti SeniorNet to truly encompass the whole of the region from Paekakariki in the South to Otaki in the North.

Meanwhile, all paid-up members of SeniorNet Waikanae/Otaki  automatically become members of Kapiti SeniorNet with the same rights to take up courses and workshops at the Learning Centre in Paraparaumu as the Kapiti members,  and we look forward to seeing you at 200 Matai Road in the near future.

There are of course quite a few matters to attend to in order to make the amalgamation successful which we hope to accomplish over the coming months so the legalities are sorted before the end of the financial year to allow us to move forward stronger and better than ever.

The Learning Centre in Waikanae is expected to continue but this will depend on the availability of tutors who will conduct selected courses there and we hope to learn more about the likely utilization we can expect from the Waikanae Centre and to gauge the economics of operating two centres.

We also – and in particular – ask all Waikanae/Otaki  tutors and would-be tutors who wish to become part of the new and larger SeniorNet to please contact us so that training or familiarization sessions can be arranged for the courses being offered.

Lastly, but not least, we look forward to the new combined era of cooperation, something talked about for a long time, and now accomplished, come meet some nice people and gain new learning and as a tutor help enhance the lives of your fellow seniors.

Barry Bailey, Chairman

2013 – A private look at the year ahead in computing

Last YearLast year for SeniorNet Kapiti was kind of cathartic, liberating and energizing and sending us in modernizing directions whilst maintaining the focus on our main purpose, that of improving the knowledge and skills in computing and communicating for our members.

That will not change for 2013.

But the very media we use – the computer and the proliferating number of communication devices – will see many new and wondrous gadgets coming to market.

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