Newsletter April 2022

From Sue

Hello everyone, 

Here at SeniorNet Kapiti, its been great to see so many of our members taking classes at the Learning Centre, during Term 1. We look forward to seeing you back again in Term 2, to engage in some of the courses and workshops on offer.

Here’s a copy of the advertisement that recently appeared in the Kapiti News. Just in case you missed it! We thought it was worth sending out, it helps to give an insight into how SeniorNet Kapiti can help you. Click the picture for a larger view

SeniorNet Kapiti have 2 PCs left to ‘dispose of’ so are offering these to members or friends of members who may want to have one at their home – see more below.

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Newsletter March 2022

From Sue

Hello everyone, 

Well your team at SeniorNet Kapiti have been busy getting the new AIO (all in one) PCs, setup and fixed to desks at the Learning Centre. Just a few minor changes were required to some of the desks to help with the overall experience at your next class!

Here’s a photograph of one of the new PCs which are Dell
All-in-One’s. Come along and see for yourself at SeniorNet Kapiti, Learning Centre.

SeniorNet Kapiti now have 7 PCs to ‘dispose of’ so are offering these to members or friends of members who may want to have one at their home -see more below.

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Newsletter December 2021

From the Chair

Hello everyone, 

This is SeniorNet Kapiti’s last newsletter for the year and what a year its been!

Recently a number of tutors were busy at the Paraparaumu Library, helping people in the community to register for their Vaccine Pass and to download the pass to their smartphone. We saw a few SeniorNet members, who popped in with good cheer, and to let us know what classes they would like to attend at the Learning Centre in the New Year.

We are looking forward to face-to-face classes, and also to hear all about your experiences with your digital learning, over the past months. Again, I would also like to say a huge thank you to our Members for supporting SeniorNet throughout the year.

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Goggle Plus now Google Minus

That’s the end, finished, kaput. GooglePlus has finally closed for good.

Originally Google+ was touted to become an all encompassing social network which would shake Facebook and become its serious competitor.

Instead it never got the wings to really take off and the death knell came by way of the enormous data scandals of recent days which not only hit Facebook and cost them billions in fines, but as we now learn, Google has not been free of data leakage and they assess that half a million users’ private details have leaked into unauthorized hands.

According to the Wall Street Journal Google has known about this since March but has kept quiet about it. An internal memo which the paper has obtained shows that Google feared the political consequences of a disclosure. The company said that the problem wasn’t big enough to publicise, and that the data which was leaked wasn’t serious enough  to make the breach public.

Last Monday Google nevertheless closed the whole GooglePlus setup.

A word or two about Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence = Not originating naturally, made by human skill in imitation of something natural.

To define Artificial Intelligence as the Oxford Dictionary has [above] may already be needing a rethink given the rate of knots at which we are broadening and redefining the concept.

But first things first, what do we know about AI? Well, we know that there are several types of AI and that they are the barriers that separate machines from us and indeed us from them.

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