2017 Tech – A private view

predictions-2017During the past year, many tech subjects have been covered on this website, some were good news, others may have given cause for concern, but in the world of technology amazing things will always happen. Of most concern has been the speed at which some innovations have moved, the disruption caused, the robotics, the artificial intelligence impact on society, and so are we likely to see more of the same for 2017?

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Let’s talk Internet

Globe internetWe now have 3 billion Internet users globally, that is getting close to half the world’s population, and that is a doubling of users in seven years up from 35 millions in 1995.
Not surprisingly USA is still the largest user followed by India and then China.

The increasing number of Smartphone users connected to the internet has also grown, but more slowly, with the largest increase to be found in the Asia Pacific area which now has 52% of the total number of users.

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