Who is watching the watcher?

connectednessDon’t you just love being ‘connected’ and all the possibilities you have via the internet, I am sure you won’t want to go back the dark ages without your PC or your smartphone.

Still, there is a dark side to this connectedness. One I have mentioned a few times [http://kapiti.seniornet.co.nz/2015/12/03/data-data-data/] and that is the collecting of your private information, not just names and email addresses, but what you are doing on the internet, the websites you visit and what you are up to on those sites, from porn to facebook. But then you knew that already.

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Data Data Data

Big Data

You may have come across the term Big Data, Big Data means data sets so large and/or complex that our normal data processing applications can’t handle it.

To analyse, search, share, store or transfer, even to capture, curate or visualize such masses of information requires enormous processing power if it is to be of value to the gatherer.

So who are the the gatherers, well they are first and foremost Governments, large Corporations, Scientists for research, Businesses and finance, Media and Advertising, and Meteorology, complex environmental research for example.

What is more,

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