Smartphone chat

smartphones-pileNot everyone is a smartphone owner or user and many may have no thoughts of acquiring one. Nevertheless,  the smartphone has been on the market for the past 10 years, yes really, so maybe it is time to look at what makes a smartphone and what makes it tick.

If you already have such a device, and I know that many of you do, you will forgive me for backgrounding a bit, and if you are thinking of perhaps joining the ranks then what can you expect to find.

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Apple iPad/iPhone Charger Plug Recall

Many of our members have Apple iPhones and iPads (incl iPad Minis) which they use constantly. Without wanting to cause any alarm (because there’s no need for any!), I want to draw your attention to an official recall of the removable plugs from the power adapter. Apparently in a very small number of cases, the international plug adapter component (called a DuckHead) has broken potentially exposing users to electric shock. You can Continue reading

Digital Death

It comes as a shock to many when they realise that the apps and content on their computers and mobile devices are not their property to do with as they wish. This mostly becomes an issue when someone dies and the relatives try and get access to apps, accounts and content.

This story was published in “the”  and was written by Director of UWA Centre for Software Practice, University of Western Australia, and the story is about a Canadian widow who recently tried to get her deceased husband’s Apple ID password from Apple in order to continue using apps on their shared iPad. The widow, Peggy Bush, ended up being told by Apple support that she would need to produce a court order before they would be able to give her access to her husband’s account.
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What is Google up to?

Goggle strengthThat Google is pretty powerful we already know, and that their Android operating System is used widely we also know, but just how dominant they have become is beginning to exercise concern as some of the major countries like USA and Europa take up the question of competition and misuse of dominant position.

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Technology in the driver seat

Watching the progress of the building of the Express Way my thoughts went on to the recent acquisition by the traffic boys of all their new radar toys at more millions, all to keep us within the rules of the road.

At the same time the work on driverless cars proceeds at a rapid pace and of course they are pre-programmed to keep to the rules saving us the trouble, and for all we know such cars may already being tested here.



You have  seen pictures of the small Google cars and the Volvo ditto, also Audi and Toyota are working hard on their versions. The latest to join the fray is Tesla with their all electric model S of which some 55000 units have had their software updated enabling them to manage driverless highway driving.


You can see where this is going, the technology will in a few years

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