Unhappy Anniversary – Windows 10

W10 Anniversary UpdateMicrosoft has run into a new serious problem with its Anniversary update of the Windows 10 operating system which hit the world stage over the past few weeks.

The new problems comes at a bad time for Microsoft when W10 just became a chargeable product after a year of free upgrades when the Anniversary upgrade was the one to make Windows 10 the preferred OS choice across the World.

Web cameras no longer working, Skype telephony having problems in various locations, PCs that cannot start up, and up to time of writing no solutions from Microsoft; Meanwhile those with dead PCs have no way of getting their files, documents, photos etc working.

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Windows 10 – Anniversary upgrade

Win 10 BackgroundAnother year has gone by and Windows 10 has already had its first birthday. The time has come for the Anniversary upgrade, [an upgrade also known as Redstone 2] is now beginning to be downloaded across the world. Windows 10 was known as Redstone 1 during development.

Here in NZ we should see the Anniversary upgrade on our machines shortly, that is of course if you already have the Windows 10 operating system installed on your PC. Should you still be on Windows 7 or 8 then sadly it is officially too late to get the free upgrade to 10 which ended on July 29*.

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