2017 Tech – A private view

predictions-2017During the past year, many tech subjects have been covered on this website, some were good news, others may have given cause for concern, but in the world of technology amazing things will always happen. Of most concern has been the speed at which some innovations have moved, the disruption caused, the robotics, the artificial intelligence impact on society, and so are we likely to see more of the same for 2017?

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Fear not, AI is here

AI benefitsOn a number of occasions, I have chatted about future scenarios for our computing or technology driven lives for good reason, in as much as the developments in the area of technology continue to ramp up more and more talk about fear of job loss, fear of ‘our way of life’ going down the gurgler, and fear for our children and grandchildren’s well-being in the time to come.

They are not irrational fears, but the more you are in the picture the less threatening such developments become.

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3rd wave of computing

Curious catThey say that curiousity killed the cat, perhaps the cat was getting too close to Gareth Morgan, yet without curiousity we should never have learned anything. Ongoing learning makes us better able to cope with and solve everyday problems as well as being able to use such technology as we find enjoyable.

We are now in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution and you, dear reader, is surrounded by digital technology which together with the Internet of Things [IoT] will transform our world like never seen before.

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Artificial Intelligence under the Loup

I remember IIIn his post “Chatting to yourself” the point was made by Thor that Artificial Intelligence was well and truly on the cards for the future and being pursued by most of the large corporation in the technology area and needed watching.

This view is certainly one that is echoed by many of the insiders in the tech world including people like Steve Wozniak [Co-founder of Apple Computers] who said: “Computers are going to take over from humans”, Bill Gates said: “Within a few decades AI will be strong enough to be of concern”, Stephen Hawking [the Physicist] went one further and said: “AI could spell the end of the human race”. Continue reading