Coronavirus – COVID-19 Information

It’s not our intention to repeat information already available from the New Zealand Authorities but rather to briefly summarise the Do’s and Don’ts and provide a number of relevant internet links and important phone numbers for further information.

It’s important to be prepared but there is no need for panic. 

Please do not attend any SeniorNet activities, Workshops or Courses if you are displaying any symptoms

The COVID-19 Tracer App

Click this image to find out how to install the CODIV-19 Tracer App on your device

In line with the Government’s request, we STRONGLY encourage our members (and the general public) to install and use the Official COVID-19 Tracer App on their smartphones

Click here for details about the COVID-19 Tracing App for your smartphone (iOS & Android)

You can scan this QR code to test your App once you have loaded it onto your iPhone or Smartphone


  • Do have a plan with your family/friends/neighbours
  • Do have a stock of face masks on hand
  • Do sensibly stock your pantry
  • Do wash your hands thoroughly (minimum 20 secs) and regularly
  • Do practice good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene. Always cough and sneeze away from others and into your elbow rather than your hands
  • Do have your regular flu vaccination
  • Do keep up to date by checking these official websites…

NZ Government

Ministry of Health

World Health Organisation


  • Don’t believe everything you read/hear from the media, social media (eg Facebook) or other non-official Online websites
    • The best information can be obtained from the links above
  • Don’t spread your germs to others.
    • Always cough and sneeze away from others and into your elbow rather than your hands
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Don’t Panic

If you have symptoms…

  • Ring Healthline 0800 358 5453 or 0800 611 116 for advice
  • Ring before going to your Doctor or a hospital
    • It is extremely important that you don’t just walk into your doctor’s surgery or the hospital Emergency Room
  • Stay at home. Notify family/friends or neighbours

Vaccination Information

If you are looking for information about Vaccinations, you might like to review the following links;