Newsletter April 2022

From Sue

Hello everyone, 

Here at SeniorNet Kapiti, its been great to see so many of our members taking classes at the Learning Centre, during Term 1. We look forward to seeing you back again in Term 2, to engage in some of the courses and workshops on offer.

Here’s a copy of the advertisement that recently appeared in the Kapiti News. Just in case you missed it! We thought it was worth sending out, it helps to give an insight into how SeniorNet Kapiti can help you. Click the picture for a larger view

SeniorNet Kapiti have 2 PCs left to ‘dispose of’ so are offering these to members or friends of members who may want to have one at their home – see more below.

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Newsletter March 2022

From Sue

Hello everyone, 

Well your team at SeniorNet Kapiti have been busy getting the new AIO (all in one) PCs, setup and fixed to desks at the Learning Centre. Just a few minor changes were required to some of the desks to help with the overall experience at your next class!

Here’s a photograph of one of the new PCs which are Dell
All-in-One’s. Come along and see for yourself at SeniorNet Kapiti, Learning Centre.

SeniorNet Kapiti now have 7 PCs to ‘dispose of’ so are offering these to members or friends of members who may want to have one at their home -see more below.

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Newsletter February 2022

From Sue

Hello everyone, 

This is SeniorNet Kapiti’s first newsletter for the year and what a start to the year! We have been busy finalising Term 1 timetable and have started to draft Term 2!

A number of tutors were busy at Coastlands in Paraparaumu, at our first Open Day for the year. Here are a few tutors talking to perspective members who wish to join SeniorNet Kapiti.

We are looking forward to face-to-face classes, and will start with Term 1 on 8 February with a How do I…? session.

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Newsletter July 2021

It’s with great pleasure that we introduce our new ChairPerson, Sue Connor.

Congratulations Sue on your appointment and we wish you every success running our organisation.

From the Chair

This will be my first “From the Chair” as it’s my first Chairpersonship, confirmed at the AGM last month. I am very grateful to the Committee who have ‘re-signed up’ for this year and of course to the Immediate Past Chairperson Peter Bunkall, who is member of the incoming Committee.  I am truly humbled by the help and assistance that this very experienced team can offer not only me but all of our members too.

I am looking forward to my time as Chairperson – with the current status of COVID-19, I believe we have the policies in place to act accordingly in everyone’s best interest and our members health is ‘front and centre’ for each of us. At times, things will be complicated and challenging but the team I have around me, supporting the ‘Chair’ are an amazing group of people.

I genuinely would like to thank the Committee for what we are about to do together and what we have achieved in the past.

Sue Connor
Chair, SeniorNet Kapiti Inc.

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Newsletter – October 2019

Term 4 Courses and Workshops

Term 4 started Monday 13th October and as always we have a great lineup of Courses and Workshops for you to attend. Why not sharpen up your skills before Christmas and contact Elaine on 021 169 6256

New Members – Welcome!

Welcome to our 14 new members who joined during our recent Open Days – this brings our total membership to 285.

EFTPOS Machine

FINALLY we have an EFTPOS machine available for payment of course and workshop fees, membership (renewal) and donations. Continue reading