You and SeniorNet

Maybe we are just afraid of getting old, not surprising really for it is hard to keep up with all changes, the new models, the new products, the shiny new gadgets that are beeping and blinking at us in almost all our homes.

And if you were thinking that I was referring to us seniors , then be aware that the above refers to those over 30!



That’s how much our world has changed and is continuing to change, but it is our world and it is ours to get the most from. To do that there are wonderful things we can get from the use of a computer and, if you are really adventurous, from some of the newer technology inventions like iPads and Smartphones.

You might think that you have managed very well without any of these fancy gadgets, but on the other hand you won’t know what you have been missing either. I know of several elderly folks whose lives have been wonderfully invigorated after their introduction to computHappiness is computingers and technology generally, so don’t be afraid of technology.

Instead learn how to master it, and who better to help you do that than Kapiti SeniorNet. Become a member of a great community of members helping each other to get the most out of their technology products, check out  the large range of courses and workshops available to you come have a cup of tea, learn at your own pace, and be amazed at what today you can learn with the help of the internet, your computer and Kapiti SeniorNet.

Check here for extra benefits of membership of SeniorNet.

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