Newsletter April 2023

From Sue

Hello everyone, 

SeniorNet Kapiti, Term 2 Timetable

Check out SeniorNet Kapiti Term 2 timetable. Now is the time to catch a few classes during autumn from the offerings of courses or workshops that you would like to include into your new skill set. Please see more below…

Lest we forget – ANZAC Day

April 25th marks the first major military action fought by the Australian and New Zealand forces during World War 1, at Gallipoli. New Zealand and Australia mark the anniversary each year, remembering not only those who died at Gallipoli, but all who have served their country in times of war.

Kia ora tātou katoa. Translation: May we all be safe.

As we join to remember ANZAC day and all those from both sides who lost their lives. We will remember them.

We are saying “Thank you” to our Amazing Tutors

As this week starts Term 2, and the Tutors have been busy in the holiday’s preparing and updating documentation and schedules.

This week we start with a Workshop, on ChatGPT – we’re sure you have heard of this in the news. Well now come along and see how to use it!!

Wednesday starts our sessions with a workshop on ChatGPT, AI (Artificial Intelligence) which you may have seen in the news lately. This AI tool has many areas where it can be used so come along and check it out at the Learning Centre, on Wednesday 26 April at 9.30am.

SeniorNet Kapiti / Paraparaumu Library

SeniorNet Kapiti have been invited to the Tech Week event, at Paraparaumu Library. This will be held from 13 May to 20 May, there will be various sessions held over that period including Cyber security, Basic Scratch Coding plus lots of other amazing tech related items. SeniorNet will be holding a session on Saturday 13 May at 2pm, on the following:

Cell phone essentials

  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Social media
  • The camera
  • Maps

SeniorNet Kapiti, are finding ways we can be of assistance to the community

There are many areas where we can partner with other organisations to be of service to the community, and we are keen to help out further in that area.

SeniorNet Kapiti has ongoing community support from Paraparaumu Library and Westpac (one of our sponsors). In particular, we are looking at various technology items that we can bring along to the Learning Centre, and gain insight on how best to introduce items into our monthly sessions.

“Appreciation” sent in by Lorna MacGregor

Recently I attended a Memorial Service for Yvonne Gastmeier, who sadly passed away during the 2020 Covid-19 restrictions. Yvonne had been a long time member of SeniorNet Kapiti. She and I both started learning at the same time in the early 2000s when the centre was located in Hinemoa Street….

Yvonne Gastmeier

The following letter had been sent to a member of her family and was read out at her Memorial service.

Never Too Old

I have now completed Word Processing Level 1. lt has proved to be exactly what I needed to overcome my fear of computers and to get me going with word processing.

For me the course has been brilliant; it was easy to follow and left me with a good understanding of the topics covered and the ability to follow the Works manual on these topics. Previously I had found that Manual totally incomprehensible! I am now also able to converse with my grandchildren on computer topics and they think that Grandma is ‘with it’. I also have made many new friends. I looked forward to each lesson not only to increase my knowledge, but also as a social occasion. lt was all great fun.

The tutors are all volunteers and of course of our own age group. That makes it all so much more relaxed and enjoyable. I am certainly going to continue with more courses. Word processing Level 2 is my next target. I have bought my own computer and am typing this letter using my new printer. Look out for more swept up letters as l gain more skills, ‘You ain’t seen nuthin yet!!’  Mind you, I also spend quite a bit of time playing Solitaire, a game that came with the computer. Grandma is getting addicted, don’t you think?

I can also relate to the sentiments expressed in her letter!  From the early days of Windows 98, through all the following iterations of Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and now on to Windows 11, SeniorNet has been there, helping us keep abreast of all the changes.  Not only has it helped me gain the confidence to manage in our rapidly changing technological world of internet banking, on-line Census forms etc., but also by giving insights into some of the other possibilities I wouldn’t have known about by myself.  As well as the usual classes and workshops, the Windows User Group, held at the rooms on the first Thursday each month and open to all members, has been invaluable.  Not only are answers given to members questions, but also demonstrations shown of different functions that are available on our computers and the internet, such as using the snipping tool or playing on-line games etc.  Recently we were shown how easy it is to use the new artificial intelligence on ChatGPT and Bing’s Chat AI – it’s truly a new world out there!  You can ask the Chat Bot for anything, from creating a CV, writing a humorous poem, providing information on any subject, to creating pictures and so on.

Peter Jones showed us this amazing artistic representation of Kapiti which he created using Bing’s Chat AI. There’s so much to explore – I’m not going to have time left to do anything else!!

If you haven’t been along to this group before, do come and join us and show the grandchildren how “with it” you are.

Let’s keep on learning!!

Lorna MacGregor

Sue Connor
Chair, SeniorNet Kapiti Inc.

Term 2 Courses and Workshops

SeniorNet Kapiti Term 2 ; book your next course or workshop now? Ensure you don’t miss out on your next opportunity to do something different. Please call or text on 021 169 6256 to book your place on a course or workshop.

SeniorNet Kapiti

Happy Learning!

Please Support our Sponsors

Please don’t forget to support our National sponsors – they’re important to SeniorNet and help us at the local level in many ways, including offering discounts to our members.

Always show your membership card and ask if there’s a discount for SeniorNet members – you might be rather surprised!

The best example is Noel Leeming where the SeniorNet discount extends well beyond computers to everything in their store but please be insistent that they scan your barcode before they give you a price!

Suzuki has recently reconfirmed their offer to our members of free on-road costs on new vehicles so it always pays to ask.

There are more details about the individual sponsorships on the Federation’s website here