Newsletter October 2022

From Sue

Hello everyone, 

SeniorNet Kapiti, Term 4 Timetable

SeniorNet Kapiti Term 4 timetable, is available to peruse. Please check on the courses or workshops that you would like to include in your calendar for spring! Please see more below…

Remember to take advantage of ½ price courses and workshops until the end of 2022. It’s worth it, especially if you’re interested in a particular class, before the year ends!

SeniorNet Kapiti, will be reviewing how we can be of assistance to the community

There are many areas where we can partner with other organisations to be of service to the community, and we are keen to help out further in that area.

There are a number of initiatives being assessed by the SeniorNet Federation. We will be sure to let you know more information as the SeniorNet Federation works through some of these initiatives, with all SeniorNet’s throughout the country.

KCDC Community Program of International Older
Persons and SeniorNet Kapiti

SeniorNet Kapiti were open on 2 specific days for the above program. We believe that perhaps a little more advertising of the actual diverse activities would have been helpful. However, we at SeniorNet Kapiti made good use of the time, and updated the computers at the Learning Centre with the latest updates to Windows 11OS and also Windows 10OS. We were happy to get that completed prior to the commencement of Term 4.

The Big OE, continues!

OE news! Over the last months I’ve been telling you of our grandchildren’s travels. Well they have moved on from India to Vietnam/Cambodia and are actually in Cambodia at this time. We are still enjoying the summaries of their adventure. They are due home soon but till then, I’m so happy seeing their photos and the story behind them. The photos seem to bring them closer, and they share them ‘online’, no longer a need to email them!

Remember if you’re not sure how to set up an online chat, or Facetime (iPad or iPhone and Android), just let SeniorNet Kapiti know, and we will help get you started.

Sue Connor
Chair, SeniorNet Kapiti Inc.

Scams, how to get help to identify what is a scam

You can also contact, CertNZ or Netsafe to help you with further information.



We are helping a number of local clubs, and organisations on how to identify scams. It’s at this time of the year we see more scams appear in our emails or text messages!

SeniorNet Kapiti have a Scam workshop, see below for details.

Scam session on 31 October, starts 9.30am. Please book your spot for this interactive session.

Yes, we are Looking for a Secretary ?

Do you enjoy writing? We only need you for 2 1/2 hours once a month. You can be a Secretary (or minute taker), you choose. AND you don’t need to be a member of the committee. Please get in touch if you have the second Thursday of each month, free. Just give us a call here at SeniorNet and let’s have a chat about how it can work for you.

Organisations like SeniorNet Kapiti, rely on members willingness to volunteer. We are no different, and would love to have a few more members to join our team of volunteers.

We enjoy sharing our knowledge and helping out generally. We believe that we all learn something new each day, so come along and join the SeniorNet Kapiti volunteer team.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested. Please don’t be shy – get in touch with SeniorNet Kapiti to tell us more about yourself, and how you would like to help. You can call the office on (04) 299 0754 and leave a message – Sue will contact you for a chat.

Members ‘end of year Function’, Wednesday 7 December (time to be advised)

The Committee will be planning the end of year function for members and have locked in the above date (Wednesday 7 December). The time will be confirmed in the near future. Please remember to pop that date into your calendar, (it will be an afternoon function).

We will have more information in our November News Letter about how the planning is coming along.

The Little Black Book of Scams

With acknowledgement to SeniorNet Ashburton.

Check out The Little Black Book of Scams click here.

Sorted is a free service by Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission, the government-funded, independent agency dedicated to helping New Zealanders.

Term 4 Courses and Workshops

SeniorNet Kapiti Term 4 timetable has been published, so why not book your next course or workshop now? Ensure you don’t miss out on your next opportunity to do something different. Please call or text Elaine on 
021 169 6256 to book your place on a course or workshop.

Please also call Elaine on 021 169 6256 if you are unable to attend a class that you have booked. It’s difficult to tell people that courses or workshops are fully booked, only to find out that someone hasn’t come along. So please let us know.

Government Announcement on the Traffic Light System – How it Affects SeniorNet Kapiti

We are no longer operating under the traffic light system….

The COVID-19 Protection Framework (the traffic lights) was removed at 11:59pm, on 12 September 2022.

This marks a major milestone in New Zealand’s journey with COVID-19. The decision, based on public health advice, means everyone in New Zealand can approach the coming summer with certainty.

With cases and hospitalisations at a lower number, improved access to new medicines (anti-virals), and high vaccination rates, it is now safe to move on from the traffic light system and provide greater certainty for people, whānau, communities and businesses.

At SeniorNet Kapiti…

  • We support our Tutors to wear masks if they wish.
  • SeniorNet Kapiti recommends that members keep all their vaccinations up to date
  • For privacy reasons, no vaccination information has been retained by SeniorNet Kapiti
  • Members are welcome to wear a Mask in the Learning Centre, if they wish.
  • Tutors are encouraged to avoid handling members devices (laptops, smartphones etc)

SeniorHangouts is Running – every day

SeniorHangouts is the online learning platform run by SeniorNet.

All current members of SeniorNet Learning Centres in New Zealand are welcome to participate (free).

With the recent launch of the new, integrated SeniorHangouts website, everyone is required to re-register. It’s a super-simple process and our members are encouraged to join and participate – it’s free to all SeniorNet Kapiti members

If you are interested in what’s coming up next week (and every week), please use this excellent site (thanks to SeniorNet Manawatu) which is updated Sunday evening. It also includes direct links to the upcoming sessions – just click and go!

To watch old sessions, go to the SeniorHangouts website, where you can watch previously held sessions in the extensive library on a wide variety of topics that may interest you.

Why not invite one of your friends to a SeniorHangouts session and take the opportunity to meet, talk technology and socialise with other seniors.

SeniorNet Kapiti

Happy Learning!

Please Support our Sponsors

Please don’t forget to support our National sponsors – they’re important to SeniorNet and help us at the local level in many ways, including offering discounts to our members.

Always show your membership card and ask if there’s a discount for SeniorNet members – you might be rather surprised!

The best example is Noel Leeming where the SeniorNet discount extends well beyond computers to everything in their store but please be insistent that they scan your barcode before they give you a price!

Suzuki has recently reconfirmed their offer to our members of free on-road costs on new vehicles so it always pays to ask.

There are more details about the individual sponsorships on the Federation’s website here