Newsletter June 2022

From Sue

Hello everyone, 

Here at SeniorNet Kapiti our tutors have been reviewing the Term 3 timetable, and have that finalised and published so check out below. This will help each of you to plan which courses and workshops you would like to attend. Also please don’t forget to take advantage of ½ price courses and workshops until the end of 2022.

Toward the end of June we will hold the AGM for SeniorNet Kapiti and would like as many members to attend as possible.

The AGM will be held on Wednesday 29 June at 1.30pm in the Learning Centre at 200 Matai Road, Raumati.

If you would like to nominate someone for the Committee, please go to SeniorNet Kapiti web site and complete the online form (click here).

All nominations must be sent to the SeniorNet Kapiti Secretary by 17 June ( See more below.

All nominations for Executive Committee roles will be presented to the AGM and if more nominations are received for any specific position, a vote will be taken on the 29th. We extend a warm welcome to all members, and would like you to join us for afternoon tea together.

By courtesy of Noel Leeming, we have received Preferential Pricing Cards, enough for all our members.

Photo of the card as a sample.

Please pick up your Noel Leeming card when you are next at the Learning Centre, 200 Matai Road. The cards are free, and entitle you to preferential pricing when making a purchase(s) at Noel Leeming. We will have the cards available this week, for you to pick up, or why not pick one up when you attend the AGM on 29 June!

A reminder to put the following date into your calendar, so you don’t miss the celebration…

SeniorNet Kapiti also celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

The date is Thursday 28 July 2022 at 1.30pm.

We have a small sub-committee who will start planning this week for the 25th Anniversary. We encourage our members to pass on suggestions to any of our Committee members.

We are continually surprised by members telling tutors about their latest experience with a device they have purchased or been given by a family member. The experience they have gained by attending courses and workshops, is helping to keep them in touch with technology. Now many are letting us know about their smart-TV or Bluetooth speaker and how they enjoy using this technology.

SeniorNet Kapiti can help you to register for SeniorHangouts. We are reviewing scheduling a workshop in Term 3, to help those interested in registering for these free online short classes, which usually run for 30 mins.

SeniorNet Kapiti Term 3 timetable has been published, so why not book your next course or workshop now? Ensure you don’t miss out on your next opportunity to do something different and ‘give it a go’. Please call or text Elaine on  021 169 6256 to book your place on a course or workshop.

Please also call Elaine on 021 169 6256 if you are unable to attend a class that you have booked. We have recently experienced people not attending a class they have booked, which affects other members who are waitlisted for courses or workshops.

Remember SeniorHangouts, that we mentioned above, there are lots of sessions that have been recorded. This helps you if you have missed a session – its easy to watch it later…. just log into the SeniorHangouts, select the session from the ‘Library’ tab. Remember these sessions are brief (see more below).

Our family have an online session on a regular basis. This includes family from Australia, UK and the Mediterranean. Its a great way to have a quick chat, and catch up with grandchildren who are travelling on their OE. If you’re not sure how to set up an online chat, just let SeniorNet Kapiti know, so we can help get you set up.

Sue Connor
Chair, SeniorNet Kapiti Inc.

AGM – Notice to all members:

We are now taking nominations for SeniorNet Kapiti Committee members (click here)

In particular, we are looking for a person who is willing to act as our Secretary. If you are interested in this role, please get in touch with one of our current Committee members, or ask any financial member to put your name forward in the nominations. We would love to have you join our team.

National Volunteer Week – 19-25 June

Well, we are certainly looking forward to celebrating with all of our volunteer Tutors. Without our Tutors we wouldn’t be able to bring such a varied timetable to you each Term – they are the cornerstone of SeniorNet Kapiti.

Term 3 Timetable

Click here to view Term 3 course and workshop timetables.

Covid-19 Status – we are “Open for Business”

Under the traffic light system….

We are now at ORANGE.

The focus of this setting is to make life simple and close to normal but at the same time to retain the things that are most effective at reducing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting people – this is an essential shift from community protective measures to individual responsibility

As we now are at Orange you can expect things to be a little different at the Learning Centre;

  • Tutors are all fully vaccinated
  • SeniorNet Kapiti recommends that members keep all their vaccinations up to date
  • For privacy reasons, no vaccination information has been retained by SeniorNet Kapiti
  • Masks are required to be worn in the Learning Centre based on the Traffic Light level at the time – the Lead Tutor is not required to wear a mask when teaching (there will be a 1m distance from participants)
  • Distancing is also one of the protective measures
  • Tutors will continue to be discouraged from handling members devices (laptops, smartphones etc)

SeniorHangouts is Running – every day

SeniorHangouts is the online learning platform run by SeniorNet.

All current members of SeniorNet Learning Centres in New Zealand are welcome to participate (free).

With the recent launch of the new, integrated SeniorHangouts website, everyone is required to re-register. It’s a super-simple process and our members are encouraged to join and participate – it’s free to all SeniorNet Kapiti members

If you are interested in what’s coming up next week (and every week), please use this excellent site (thanks to SeniorNet Manawatu) which is updated Sunday evening. It also includes direct links to the upcoming sessions – just click and go!

To watch old sessions, go to the SeniorHangouts website, where you can watch previously held sessions in the extensive library on a wide variety of topics that may interest you.

Why not invite one of your friends to a SeniorHangouts session and take the opportunity to meet, talk technology and socialise with other seniors.

SeniorNet Kapiti

Happy Learning!

Please Support our Sponsors

Please don’t forget to support our National sponsors – they’re important to SeniorNet and help us at the local level in many ways, including offering discounts to our members.

Always show your membership card and ask if there’s a discount for SeniorNet members – you might be rather surprised!

The best example is Noel Leeming where the SeniorNet discount extends well beyond computers to everything in their store but please be insistent that they scan your barcode before they give you a price!

Suzuki has recently reconfirmed their offer to our members of free on-road costs on new vehicles so it always pays to ask.

There are more details about the individual sponsorships on the Federation’s website here