Newsletter March 2021

From the Chair

As I sit down to write to you, my hands are still shaking after watching another “come from behind” win by Team New Zealand in the Americas Cup. Whether you’re passionately following the racing or just watching it out the corner of your eye, you won’t be able to miss the astounding technology being used by the broadcast organisation. How they manage to map the course onto the moving pictures shot from moving helicopters and boats as well as merge all that technical information from multiple boats onto the screen I’ll never quite comprehend. We certainly couldn’t have managed anything like it in my working days – technology have come a long way in a very short time!

If you’re interested in some of the smart video and audio technologies in use, click here to see an interesting article I found recently.

We can’t promise to answer all your questions about what’s happening on the water but at SeniorNet we do understand the basics of how your personal devices connect and work with the apps and websites you want to use. Our How Do I…? Workshops continue to be a lifeline for members who’ve encountered problems as well as somewhere to go for one-on-one assistance with things you’re struggling with. Keep an eye on our Workshop Timetable and if you’re experiencing issues, please come along and we’ll see what our Tutors can do to help you.

A number of us attended the (SeniorNet) Wellington Regional Meeting in Lower Hutt last week. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to meet Tutors and Committee Members from the other SeniorNet’s in the Wellington area and make contacts with people from similar organisations dealing with similar issues. We heard a summary from each SeniorNet Learning Centre which gave us a better idea of the size of their organisation and the issues and problems they are facing – Covid hasn’t been kind, that’s for sure! What was clear to me is that SeniorNet Kapiti is in excellent health as an organisation with a strong Course and Workshop programme and a steady stream of new members seeking our help. Your Committee continue to work hard to keep it that way. Our thanks to Hutt City SeniorNet for organising and hosting an excellent day.

As members, you’re the heart of our organisation and if you’ve had a positive experience please tell your friends. If they need help, send them to us – our competent Tutors can help, regardless of the device or technology your friend may be struggling with.

Peter Bunkall
Chair, SeniorNet Kapiti Inc.

Coming Up – Two Workshops and a Course – Term 1

While most of our courses and workshops are held regularly throughout the term, these occasional workshops are scheduled to cover specific skills.

  1. What Can I do on my Device? – (two weeks) starting 22nd March (afternoon)
    This is a brand new workshop – It doesn’t matter what device you use –  Android smartphone / tablet or iPhone / iPad or a laptop (or PC) the things we’re planning to discuss are relevant to everyone. Here’s the agenda;
    1. Week One
      • The Internet, Browsers and Google Search
      • eMail (a brief overview only)
      • Entertainment – video, music, radio
      • Online Shopping
      • Online Maps
    2. Week Two
      • Social media – Zoom, Skype, Facebook & Twitter
      • Buying and Selling your stuff – Trademe (overview only)
      • Getting Information – Wikipedia
      • Creating a secure password
      • Online Banking (and security)
  2. Using Google Maps – 23nd March (morning)
    You’ll learn all about what Google Maps are and how to use them to navigate around as well as find things or places
  3. Email using Windows Mail. (two week course) starting Thursday 25th March (afternoon)
    If you’re still using Windows Live Mail (WLM), you need to attend this course. Microsoft no longer support WLM and it’s already starting to show some cracks. The need to move to Windows Mail has become more urgent and this Course will teach you how this modern email program works and help build your confidence to make the move

To enrol in any of these courses/workshops please contact Elaine on
021 169 6256

An Introduction to SeniorHangouts

Some of you may have noticed the recent references to SeniorHangouts in Newsletters, emails etc and wondered what it’s all about.

Senior Hangouts is a developing project between Google and the SeniorNet Federation introduced to Learning Centres on 2nd December 2020. The Hangouts are an on-line learning concept being developed to mitigate present and future Covid events, and allow courses to be continued during complete lock-downs, or any time there are operating constraints on tutors or students. 

The project is headed by Vinay Karanam at our Federation office in Upper Hutt, and Vinay’s latest newsletter details progress:

I am delighted to share that the work on Version 2 of the application has begun and during May at the AGM we intend to unveil the product. This application shall be available on Google Play Store and Apple Store to support Mobile and Tablet devices. This will be a single interface for users to register, schedule to participate in a session, access recordings of previous sessions, hangout with others exchanging ideas, chatting and sharing – all in one platform.” 

An introduction session to SeniorHangouts (Downloading Apps from the Play Store) is being presented by our very own Teresa Urutia this Friday 19th March at 10:00am. How appropriate is that!  To join the meeting please use the link (or Meeting Id and password if you already have Zoom) which was in the email sent to you on Monday 15 March

AMI Offer Reminder to Existing SeniorNet Members

As detailed in our December, January and February Newsletters (and today’s DomPost!), AMI will pay the SeniorNet membership fees of their clients for the 2021-2022 year. This also applies to current AMI customers who are existing members of SeniorNet, or any of their customers who wish to join SeniorNet within the offer period (which ends September 2021).

If you have a friend who’d like to take advantage of this offer and join SeniorNet for free, get them to go to our Membership Application Form here (and remember to confirm on the form that they are AMI customers).

For existing SeniorNet members, full details were outlined in a recent email, and we urge you to take advantage of this offer here.     

Membership Renewals

Yes, it’s that time of year again, and notices will be sent out shortly. For those of you who are prompt payers, remember there’s a $5 discount if paid by the end of April. 

We appreciate your continued support for SeniorNet Kapiti

Modern Job Interview!

Please Support our Sponsors

Please don’t forget to support our National sponsors – they’re important to SeniorNet and help us at the local level in many ways, including offering discounts to our members.

Always show your membership card and ask if there’s a discount for SeniorNet members – you might be rather surprised!

The best example is Noel Leeming where the SeniorNet discount extends well beyond computers to everything in their store!

Suzuki also offer our members free on-road costs on new vehicles so it always pays to ask.

There are more details about the individual sponsorships on the Federation’s website here