eBooks and Loading the Kindle App

This article describes how to find and install the Kindle E-book Reader Application (App) on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile (devices), and how to get e-books for reading in the app.

Downloading the Kindle App

Regardless of the device you want to run the app on you can get it from this location on the internet: click here –  (the best Google search is Amazon Kindle app)

This page is part of Amazon (the online shopping site) and includes links to the Apple Store (for iPad and iPhone users), Google Play Store (for Android users), and a direct link to download the Windows or Mac versions of the app.

Kindle DiagramClick the link appropriate for your device and follow the instructions. Note that Kindle has a partnership agreement with Amazon and to use the app you must have an Amazon account.

Once the app is installed, you are asked to either, enter the details of your existing Amazon account or to create an account. Creating an account takes a while so be prepared to spend some time with this.

If you want to read your e-book on several devices, say your laptop, tablet, and mobile, install the app on each device.  Once that is done, the e-book is available to be read on any of them – this is because the e-book is associated with the account you set up and not with the device you are reading it on. Even if you have downloaded the book to a device, a copy is kept for you in the cloud.

Downloading E-books

Once you have the Kindle app installed and the Amazon account set up, you are ready to download e-books.

From the Kindle app, click on the Kindle store icon in the Kindle Storeupper right corner. This takes you to the Amazon Kindle site.  There are many ways from here to search but for our purposes, search for the book by the author’s name. From here, you can click on the e-book of interest. Each entry gives a brief description of the book, the price, and offers recommendations of other e-books you might find interesting.

When you have decided what you would like, simply click Kindle Price
on the page.

Then click Kindle Buy Button.jpgand the e-book is automatically delivered to the device you specify.

For Those While Like to Watch and Learn…

A little extra, you might find interesting…

This short video (3:31 minutes) (found on YouTube™), gives a step-by-step procedure for getting free e-books from Amazon.