Newsletter – June 2018


This year’s AGM will be held at the Learning Centre on Wednesday 18th July at 1.30pm. All members are welcome – please put it in your diary. The Guest Speaker is David Robertson from the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and refreshments will be served afterwards.  

Nominations for the Executive.

If you know of someone you think would be a productive member of the Executive for this coming year then click here for our online Nomination Form

Nominees, nominators and seconders must all be current (financial) members of Seniornet Kapiti Inc.

Don’t be put off if your nominee takes time out each year to travel or chase the sun! – that’s never stopped anyone on our Executive from contributing – everyone has a backup!

New Treasurer?

With David Salter’s retirement after 5 years of valiant service, we now need to find someone to replace him. If you are interested, please contact Teresa on (022) 035 3305 or (04) 298 3132.

Corporate Membership

We are introducing a Corporate Membership category for local commercial companies who provide services to our Members. Corporate Members will be able to lift their profiles to Members with targeted promotions. Full details will be discussed at the AGM when you will be asked to agree to an amendment to the Constitution to accommodate this initiative.

Volunteer Kapiti

SeniorNet Kapiti is now a member of Volunteer Kapiti Inc. This will enable us to find more Tutors using the extensive network and contacts, which Volunteer Kapiti uses to find Volunteers for its 62 Member organisations.

Term 3 Timetable

The course and workshop timetables for Term 3 have just been finalised and loaded into our website. Go to the menu at the top of this page, and you will see the current and future timetables under the Courses and Workshops dropdowns

Why not have a look now and make plans to attend one of our popular courses or workshops. Call Elaine to book on 021 169 6256 (call or txt)

From the Chair

The SeniorNet Kapiti Inc. annual general meeting (AGM) is scheduled for 18 July 2018. Please watch for an email with details.  SeniorNet is a great organisation providing a way for the over-50 set to stay abreast of the latest digital technology, from how to operate your devices to how to make use of those devices for your own purposes.

However, Seniornet depends on volunteers to keep it running smoothly.  Our executive committee is looking for a Treasurer. Our current, stellar treasurer is stepping down this year and that position is critical to the continued operation of Seniornet. I am putting out a call to our members to volunteer to be a part of our Executive Committee as our Treasurer.  The following is the official description of the position.

The Treasurer is responsible for the fiscal integrity of the organisation and for ensuring, that the Chairman and Executive Committee are kept fully informed of the organisation’s financial position at all times. This is achieved by maintaining proper records, accounts and processes and making regular reports at the monthly Executive Committee Meetings.  

Job Description 

  • Responsible for oversight of all financial matters of the organisation 
  • Collect and receive all payments made to the organisation 
  • Lodge all payments into the organisation’s accounts as quickly as possible
  • Pay all accounts payable and expenditures as approved by the Executive Committee  
  • Oversee and recommend investments as and when appropriate. 
  • Hold the organisations financial records, documents and books. 
  • Responsible for all processes relating to the handling of money 
  • In conjunction with the Office Administrator, carry out an annual stocktake of items listed in the asset register
  • Prepare for audit and give a financial report and statement of accounts (including an Income and Expenditure Account and a Balance Sheet) together with Auditor’s statement and report (or Accountant’s Review), at the Annual General Meeting for approval by members. 
  • Ensure that only specific members are authorised to operate bank accounts
    Constitution states this to be “any two persons holding the position of Treasurer, Secretary, Chairperson or Deputy Chairperson”
  • Maintain any passwords for these purposes in a secure manner  
  • Provide such returns and financial statements as may be required by the Executive Committee, and to the Federation, the Department of Internal Affairs Charities Services and/or any other authority as required on an annual or other agreed basis. 
  • Prepare all funding/grant submissions made by the organisation.
  • Oversee the preparation and submission of the necessary information to the SeniorNet Federation for claiming the Learner Hours Subsidy. 

Sounds like a full time job doesn’t it, but of course it’s nothing of the sort. For those of you up to the challenge, looking to use skills from your past (I volunteered for SeniorNet because it meant getting to keep my hand in the field where I had spent my working life, this time for fun) or if you want to challenge yourself to take on new responsibilities, please consider volunteering for the position.

Our current treasurer will work with you to ensure that you understand what we do and you will of course have the full support of the committee.

Our Executive Committee meets on the second Thursday of the month. Remember, being on the committee means you get to have a say in our operation, you can attend any of our classes at no cost to you (the only monetary cost is our annual membership fee), and you are entitled to the Microsoft Office suite of software for your home computer free.

If you are interested, or intrigued, or just curious please feel free to contact me at
(04) 298 3132,  (022) 035 3305, via email at or talk to any of our committee members (their names can be found at our website).

Thanks to all