Newsletter – March 2018

The New Year

The Term 1 Classes and Workshops are underway. Our promotions at the Coastlands Day and at the two Open Days resulted in 20 new members joining and enrolling in our programmes. If you are considering that you need to improve your IT skills then look up our website SeniorNet Kapiti website for details on what’s available and contact Elaine 04 905 3744 to enrol.

New Phones

If you have just purchased a new smart phone and are having some problems then why not consider enrolling for the Smartphone and Tablets Basics Workshop or the one for iPad and iPhone.

New Courses and Workshops – What would you like us to do?

If you have an idea for a Workshop topic then please tell us by either contacting the Learning Centre by phone 04 299 0754 or by email or talk to a member of the Committee.

Membership Subscriptions

Subscriptions for the new year commencing 1 April are now due and if paid by 30 April, membership renewal is only $25 per person or $45 per couple. After 1 May, membership renewal is $30 per person or $50 per couple. Members will have received an email from Veronica Kemp on 2 March, explaining how you can pay you subscriptions.

Building Upgrade

The renewal of the roof has been completed, new insulation installed and there is now a new security alarm and new code.

Tutors Meetings and Q&A meetings  changed schedule for 2018.

Please note that for 2018, Tutors’ Meetings will now be held on the Third Thursday of each month and the Questions and Answers sessions will be held on the first Thursday of the month.

From the Chair

What can I do on my Mobile Phone today that just 10 years ago seemed like magic:

• Use Any Phone on Any Wireless Network – ten years ago, you were locked into a contract with a provider that lasted 2-3 years and meant that only their phones could be used on their networks. This loosened somewhat in 2008 with some carriers opening up their networks to all phones. Of course, now all phones work on all networks and the providers provide “plans” of service including calls, texts, data, and even TV.

• Your Fingers Do Even More Walking – In 2008, Microsoft introduced the Surface computer and Apple brought out the iPhone. Both of these devices used the idea of multi touch as a way to interact with the device. Multi touch means that the computer responds to more than one point of contact on the screen, meaning I can type on the onscreen keyboard or pinch and spread my fingers on the computer touchscreen to shrink or expand what I am seeing on that screen.

• Cell Phones Are the New Paper – in 2008, paperless boarding passes were just getting started. At that time, Continental was experimenting with a cell-phone check-in system that let you show an encrypted, 2D bar code on your phone to a TSA agent in lieu of a paper boarding pass and Qantas did something similar early the next year. Well Continental didn’t survive but today, paperless tickets and boarding passes are the norm.

• Where You At? Ask Your Phone – in 2008, GPS was taking off, as phone makers, carriers, and service providers realized that consumers generally had no idea where they were, ever. Today I simply enter the address of my destination into my maps program, and my phone guides me to the desired location, shows good places to park, checks on the traffic, and finds restaurants in the area.

So what will the next 10 years hold? Driverless cars, trading in crypto-currencies like bitcoin, augmented reality glasses that make it possible for our phones to stay in our pockets while we carry out heads up computing (a saviour for our necks), or possibly “bots” that make airline reservations, warn us about overspending, help order food or just assist in everyday life. Ten years from now, these way out ideas just may be our everyday reality.

Get a head start on understanding the next ten years or even the next year by joining us in classes and workshops at SeniorNet. Check the schedules and be sure to contact Elaine at 04 905 3744 if you want to enrol.


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Have fun computing

Chair Teresa

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Peter B