Newsletter for November 2017

New Workshop: “Are you thinking of buying?”

You might find that your old printer is playing up. Should you try to get it fixed? If you decide to buy a new one, you notice that you can spend anything from $80 to $500 – how do you decide?  And, what brand to buy?

What if your old PC has finally had it. Should you buy another, in which case how much should you spend, what do you look for, how do you understand all the specs? Or, should you be getting a laptop instead? Or perhaps a tablet? How to decide?

Find out the answers to these questions and those you may have to make just in time for the holiday buying season, by attending our “Are you Thinking of Buying” workshop on Thursday 30 November from 9:30 – 12:00. Cost is $5. To book, please call Elaine at 04 905 3744, and remember these workshops are limited to 20 participants. By the end of the workshop, you’ll feel better equipped to make those purchase decisions and not risk feeling overwhelmed by some smart young salesperson with all the answers.

How do I…? Workshops

If you’ve already completed a Course and need some additional help to clarify a few points, we are, as always, delighted to help at one of our How Do I…? Workshop sessions. The charge varies depending on how long we spend helping you (max $10 per hour).The next workshop is on Friday 24 November 1.30 to 3.30pm and the last workshop for this year is on Thursday 7th December 1.30 to 3.30pm.

Christmas Function

Members and partners are invited to our Christmas Drinks and Nibbles to be held at The Learning Centre, 200 Matai Rd on Wednesday 13th December from 4.00pm to 6.00pm.

Please RSVP to Elaine at 04 905 3744 if you plan to attend. There is no charge!

Vodafone migration message from our Webmaster

To those members following our website with old @paradise and @clear email addresses

If you are in the process of changing your email address away from or and you are also subscribed to FOLLOW this website (, there is one extra change you will have to make. As Webmaster I am not permitted to change the details of your email address which is used to send you regular website updates. Unfortunately, you will have to add this to the long list of unsubscribe/re-subscribes that you need to work through.
Here are the steps you need to follow…

  1. If you receive regular “Daily or Weekly Digests” from WordPress, click here
  2. Enter your email address and choose to “Manage your subscription”.
  3. You will then be sent an email to your old address with a very…long…web…link in it which you should click. Vodafone forwarding is slow so this email may take a while to arrive!
  4. You need to click UNFOLLOW for our website (and any others you may follow).
  5. hen, you need to go back to the home page of our website here
  6. Click the Follow button (bottom right-hand side) and re-enter your details using your new email address

Sorry for the hassle but we’re not permitted (by WordPress) to alter notification email addresses for other people.

Learning Centre Roof Replacement

The Kapiti Coast District Council (our landlord) is arranging to replace the roof at the Learning Centre and work will begin on Thursday 14th December (the day after the Christmas Drinks and Nibbles!) and is expected to take one week.

All classes finish on Tuesday 12th December so this long overdue work won’t impact us at all.

Next Year’s Programme (Term 1)

The programme of Courses and Workshops for Term 1, 2018 is now on the website for your consideration and planning – click the links above to see what on offer and when.

If you’re lucky enough to receive a tablet, phone or computer for Christmas, you might like to come to SeniorNet in the New Year for some first class tuition.

Remember to contact Elaine at 04 905 3744 to enrol – it’s never too early!

Cyber Threats.

With the ever-increasing threats to our computer systems, we refer you to the government website which explains what you need to know and do if you suspect a threat.

From the Chair

Yes, it’s November already and the end-of-the-year anticipation is closing in (this manifests as a kind of sore spot in your stomach that can’t be soothed!).  It seems there’s too much going on and needing to be done to get ready for the school year ending, summer holidays beginning, the Christmas/New Year season beckoning, gardening, planning vacations, and trying on last year’s summer wardrobe and hoping it still fits.

So do you have time to catch up on those computer classes you promised yourself you’d take? Maybe not and surely if you delay them it’s not going to burn down your world.  So true, but if you do make time, our Seniornet classes can help.  Our Managing Photos class will help you organize, categorize, and simply find those pictures from past holidays and set up a structure for future pictures.  The Windows 10 Email course will teach you to be more efficient using the new Windows 10 built-in email program and help with getting that “Christmas Letter” to friends and family.

Our courses can help with researching where you can get that must-have item on your Christmas shopping list, and how much you can expect to spend.  You can check your email and respond to it, book accommodation, book a flight, find a cattery or kennel for a beloved pet, buy tickets for a theatre event, or even reserve a table at a restaurant.  You can use your mobile phone as a GPS and get directions to those unfamiliar venues you may be heading to this season.  You can check public transport schedules to ensure that you will arrive on time.  You can check the weather where you’re going, see upcoming events that may be of interest, and look at your calendar on the fly.

If a course is just too much of a time commitment, look at our workshop offerings and try to come along to one our workshops that might suit.  Heck, just come along for the cuppa and biscuit and a chinwag with like-minded individuals.  If all that’s too much, our 2018, Term 1 Timetable is now available on our website for future planning (see links above in New Year’s Programme)!

See you at the Christmas function on 13 December
Be sure to RSVP to Elaine at 04 905 3744.


Tutors and Assistant Tutors Wanted for next year.

Once again, it may appear that we’re always looking for new tutors and assistant tutors to join SeniorNet and that’s because we are!  So please contact Sue at and she will discuss the options with you.

Final (and urgent) Reminder: Vodafone Email Migration

The Vodafone deadline of 30 November is looming large! If you’ve not taken any action to redirect your or to a new email address, we implore you to sort this our urgently.

If you do nothing, you’ll simply stop receiving emails after the end of this month – no kidding!! Ignoring this issue won’t make it go away.

If you need assistance, please act now and contact Elaine on 04 905 3744 and book for the next Vodafone Email Migration Workshop.


Please support our sponsors: Noel Leeming, Vodafone, Westpac Bank and Grey Power. Remember to take your SeniorNet card with you as substantial discounts are given on most items at Noel Leeming (not just computers!).

Have fun computing

Chair Teresa