Newsletter for June 2017

June – Workshop – Avoidance of Scams

The Avoidance of Scams, Workshop will cover various Scams that may appear on computers or in text messages.  If you have questions bring them along, we will try to answer any questions on the day or we will get back to you!  Put the date into your calendar now! Thursday 22 June at 1.30pm to 4pm (cost is $5.00 and places are limited – booking with Theresa is essential).Scams

The above Workshop has proved to be very popular and no surprises there!  SeniorNet Kapiti have scheduled another Avoidance of Scams for early July so please do call Teresa at (04) 298 3132 and enrol.  If you are interested in attending a Workshop (cost is $5.00 and places are limited – booking with Theresa is essential).

Changing Technology

Change – people love it, hate it, avoid it or come up with a myriad of reasons not to make a change.

Just as we get comfortable and confident with the “widgets” and “apps” on our smartphones. Feel good that we have finally worked out what Windows 10 does.  Mastered the latest iOS system from Apple, the goal posts move. Another upgrade is on the horizon.

Is there a need to keep up? Your decision. Be aware that change in technology isn’t just about advancement. It’s also about intensive, clever marketing. Convincing people that they must have all the new bells and whistles that accompany technology change is big business.

Ever gone in to a shop with a purchase in mind and come out with far more comprehensive package than you had originally planned to buy? The salesperson may have convinced you that your current computer, smartphone, iPad or tablet will soon be out of date. Alternatively, you may have been pressured into buying a device because it’s the very best deal. You were made to feel that you may miss out if you don’t. You’re not on your own. I thought I had become older and wiser. My philosophy was “if it ain’t broke don’t replace it”. Then…….the latest iPhone came on the market and the temptation to upgrade could be resisted no longer.

Love it or hate it, constant change in technology is here to stay. If you do think you may need to upgrade or replace your device, talk to one of SeniorNet’s Lead tutors before you do. Listen to their recommendations. They have the experience and up to date knowledge to help you.


Reminder – Committee Nominations

Just reminding all our members that the 2017 Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 19 July at 1:30pm. If you wish to nominate someone for the Committee, you are welcome to submit your nomination online here on our website. It is important to be aware that both the Nominator and Nominee must be current (ie paid-up) members of SeniorNet Kapiti. Online nominations close 1 July 2017.

Change to Courses Offered

At the June Committee Meeting it was agreed that the Email Using Windows Live Mail Course will be dropped from our offerings. In its place we now offer the Email Using Windows Mail Course which concentrates on the modern Mail programme built into Windows 10. The main reason the Windows Live Mail Course has been dropped is that the product is no longer supported by Microsoft and has started to show signs of technical problems among our members. We know that a lot of our members moved from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail when they upgraded to Windows 7 and it has served them (and us) very well for a number of years. Sadly, we all have to move on and SeniorNet doesn’t want to be teaching our members to use software with known faults.

If you’re using Windows Live Mail, don’t panic! At the moment, almost all the functions you know and love are still working but you do need to start thinking about moving on to Windows Mail. We don’t know when the next crack will appear in Windows Live Mail but we would suggest you set yourself a goal to migrate to Windows Mail this year. SeniorNet can help you with that move…..Why not enrol in an upcoming Email Using Windows Mail Course and we’ll have you migrated in no time.


Course Bookings

Please call Teresa at (04) 298 3132 and enrol in your chosen course.  Why not check out our classes and see if there is something to interest you for the next term or click to see our Course Timetable and costs. The course ‘Introduction to Computers’ is Free and well suited to get into the basics of computing.  Please pass this information on to friends and family.  Remember that we also have reduced charges for any member wishing to repeat a course.

Regular Workshops

Regular Workshops are $5.00 per session (except Q&A which is a large gold coin). The current regular workshops are Q&A, iPad-iPhone/Android tablet Workshops each month and no prior booking is required. Click to see our Workshop and Special Interest Group (SIG) Timetable. If you’ve already completed a Course and need some additional help to clarify a few points we are, as always, delighted to help at one of our How Do I…? workshop sessions, where the charge varies depending on how long we spend helping you (max $10 per hour).


Tutors and Assistant Tutors Wanted

It may appear that we are always requesting for tutors and assistant tutors to join SeniorNet and that’s because we are!  So please contact Kuini at  and she will discuss the options with you. Join our friendly and supportive group and bring your ideas forward for discussion. Experienced senior/lead tutors are there to train you to become assistant tutors and this is also a great opportunity to keep up with all the latest advances in the computer world. Tutors also need to keep themselves updated so enrol in a course or go along as an assistant tutor.


Please support our sponsors: Noel Leeming, Vodafone, Westpac Bank and Grey Power. Remember to take your SeniorNet card with you as substantial discounts are given on most items at Noel Leeming (not just computers!)

Have fun computing

Chairman Brian