The e-Bike is catching on

El bike riderBack in April 2013 I first wrote about the electric bike [click here] and in the past three years much has happened to the design and models in Europe and elsewhere.

There are now a large number of makes and models, some of which are available in new Zealand, e.g.

the Pedego, the Volto, the eZee-kinetic solar assisted, and you’ll find another 14 more shown on this website:

There are also models from the Bike Barn Homebase like Easy Go City, EVO City and Apollo Eon Commuter and Jet, and Green Eden, and a whole lot more from Anebike and e-Motion.

Carrier el bikeThere are 3 wheeler versions if you prefer a little more safety and comfort, and among the 2 wheeler versions are City or Urban styles, Road bikes, Mountain bikes, Step thru’s, Beach Cruisers [whatever that is] and more, and not to be outdone you can choose front wheel drive, rear wheel or even mid drive. I noted also an offer of 2WD, i.e. driving both wheels.

They do cost a fair bit though ordinary bikes these days can cost thousands so electric bikes ranging from around $1100 to over $4000.- may still be acceptable to many in need of local transport or weekend fun.

e-bike tern-vektron-e-bike-4

Vektron Tern

From Taiwan comes the Tern Vektron, and even Pininfarina [Italy] is in on the stylish designs whilst Peugeot [France] has brought out the eF01, another folding e-bike.

Klever X from Germany has got regenerative braking and anti theft device and there are unisex and uni-size models but they do cost quite a lot [In the 5-7000 range].

e-bike peugeot-ef01-folding-3

Peugeot ef01


e-bike klever-x-9

Klever X


There is a choice of top speeds and of the amount of pedal assist you prefer and the mileage from the batteries supplied, most wishes are catered for among the multitude of designs and price levels.

e-bike klever-pedelec-11

Klever pedelec







It is almost overpowering the hordes of e-bikes on offer around the world, but if you are serious about preparing for cheaper transport than a new car or just want transport to the supermarket, then a bit of research can help you get a good match for your needs and a good deal to boot.

Summer is coming so it is tempting……