Nokia revisited

nokia_650Two years ago Nokia’s device and services business was sold to Microsoft for 7.9 billion US dollars putting an end to the Lumia brand of phones and tablets, although only one tablet was ever marketed. The phones, however, were worldbeaters and no doubt Microsoft saw the buy-out as an easy way to get their Windows phone accepted and volume sales achieved. The Microsoft Lumia 650 is the latest Windows 10 smartphone marketed by Microsoft.

635_nokia_lumiaAs we now know other brands overtook the Lumia brand and Nokia slimmed down its manufacturing capacity after the sale, both in Finland and in India and Korea where they retained their production units, but a lot of staff had to look for other work at the time.

Meanwhile Nokia continued their business in other technology areas since they could not use the Lumia brand now owned by Microsoft, and they had agreed to abstain from marketing new Lumia phones for 2 years.

Alcatel-OneTouchRecently, however, Nokia has taken over the French/American competitor Alcatel-Lucent and has now become the World’s next biggest supplier of mobile equipment after the Swedish Ericsson and ahead of China’s Huawei.

This appears to have resulted in massive sackings once again with some 1300 people to be laid off in Finland [out of 6850 employees] and they are negotiating with representatives in some 30 other countries where they or Alcatel-Lucent operate. In total Nokia has around 104,000 employees worldwide.

Rajeev Suri is now Nokia’s top boss, and this year he confirmed that Nokia is working on their own new smartphone which may see daylight late this year or next, but only if they find the right partner as Nokia will not produce them themselves.

May be the take over of Alcatel-Lucent is part of that picture, so that we may see the well liked brand re-emerge once again in the crowded market of smartphones.

Meanwhile keep pressing those buttons.