2 thoughts on “Einstein’s prediction

  1. I think that’s a bit strong! Most people I know use their phones intelligently to enhance their social interactions. Your photos are selective and misleading. Are you saying that only idiots can use a cellphone to find the next bus/train, the nearest latte, what’s on this afternoon at the movies, what’s my bank balance (can I afford those gorgeous shoes?), what’s the news/latest cricket score, etc etc etc?
    Sure, sometimes people may use their cell phones to avoid communicating. Some people use a newspaper in that way now!!!
    Your photos make a humorous point, but I think that that point has been made already in schools and families around the world, and computer hermits have long been encouraged to get out and take a break.
    I suspect that the idiots are the ones who don’t want to learn how to use the easy access to information that is provided by this new technology, in a way that enhances their lives. What do others think?

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