Reducing Wireless radiation

I remember IIIs there a connection between microwaves and wireless equipment and Autism?

We all know of someone with a child who has a lesser or greater degree of autism, and put it down to bad luck or to genes or DNA.

Now research  from the USA indicates that microwaves from wireless equipment has detrimental effects on the development of our brain and among other things can lead to autism.

We are used to a fair bit of scaremongering, but in this case there does appear to be some serious research behind the results and Professor Martin L. Pall [biochemistry] at the Autism conference in 2015 showed how microwaves can open the cell membrane’s calcium channels causing too much calcium to enter, which in turn leads to added imbalance in the body. Professor Pall points out that this and environmental chemicals which likewise can add to the stream of calcium to the cells may be the cause of development of autism. I understand that children are now born with, on average, almost 300 man-made chemicals in their bodies.


Back in 2001 Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt who had his clinic in Seattle near Microsoft saw that among the children of parents who worked at Microsoft were a large number of autistic children. Likewise it was found that there were high levels of microwaves from wireless equipment in the homes of autistic children.

Dr. Toril Jelter in California pioneered a simple protocol to reduce exposure to constant sources of wireless radiation and electrical noise, and over 80% of her patients show measurable improvement in 2 weeks. What did she do?

She recommended to turn off 4 common sources of constant wireless radiation and electrical noise for at least 12 hours at night:

      1. Baby monitors. Unplug
      2. Cordless phone base stations, Move. Just the base station, not necessarily the phone itself if kept on the bedside table.
      3. Wi-Fi. Use a timer to turn off the router and modem at night.
      4. Bedroom electrical circuit breaker. That means finding the switch on the house switch board for the child’s bedroom.

A small number of children will show dramatic improvement after just a few nights of good sleep, one non-verbal autistic child actually spoke a complete sentence for the first time after 3 days on this protocol.

83% of the children in Dr Jelter’s trials showed measurable improvement after just 2 weeks and this continued on for months after the trial. The trial was to convince sceptical parents, many of whom were engineers in high tech, and once they saw it worked they often would go on to reduce other sources of wireless and electromagnetic emissions in their homes.

One naturally comes to think of cellphone masts near schools and the use now-a-days of tablets and computers and smartphones in classrooms all linked by wireless. I am told that e.g. pregnant teachers as well as children can be subjected in such locations to radiation up to 100.000 times the natural background radiation we all receive.  How problematic this may be or whether our Health Authorities monitors microwave radiation I cannot say, but since the problem is going to get larger perhaps it should be something to be taken seriously.

If you have autistic children in your family it may be worth a check to see that they are sheltered from excess microwave activity from the 4 sources quoted above. Best of luck.