Microsoft’s Taking Away My Ice Cream!

I have a theory that you should never give an ice cream to a child and then try to take it back again! Why? Do I really need to explain? No, I didn’t think so!

Well our dear friends at Microsoft don’t seem to know about my Ice Cream Theory and they have just announced that they are going to strip away some of the free OneDrive Storage that they gave us in the past and drop us all back to 5Gb. Now this isn’t a political forum so I won’t get started on how I feel about this but suffice it to say I am VERY pleased to be able to describe to you how to prevent this unfair and unreasonable behavior! If you have OneDrive Storage you should read on…

This is an important issue because with the advent of Windows 10, we find that almost all of us now have a Microsoft Account with an associated OneDrive Cloud Storage allocation and those of us who have larger allocations already, simply don’t want to lose them. Furthermore, as people come to better understand the benefits of Cloud Storage their desire to use it will increase along with the volume they need. I suspect Microsoft are using this trend to push us towards a paying model and reducing the amount of free storage plays right into their hands!

So, what do you need to do? Firstly, if you only have a basic OneDrive Account of 5Gb with no Bonus Storage (eg for your Camera Roll) then there’s nothing you can or need to do. The basic 5Gb will remain (….for now!)

Those of us who have acquired larger allocations (I seem to have 40Gb!) through various historical loyalty or promotional offerings need to take action right now before our allocation is slashed back to 5Gb.

Start by clicking here to go to the Microsoft “Keep your basic quota” page (you will need to be logged into Windows 8, 10, or OneDrive for this to work – use if you have any problems).

Click on the Keep your free storage button in the middle of the webpageKeep your storageAt the very bottom of the next page, click on the “Yes” buttonYes ButtonYou should then be presented with the Success screen and the job’s done.SuccessFeel free to click on Go to your OneDrive to have a look at the Cloud Storage files and folders you already have in use.

So that’s how you can prevent the big bad monster from taking your ice cream….for now anyway!