The little white bags

I remember IIWhat do you do with all the little white bags that come with your pills or tablets and quite often with clothing, electronics and all kinds of products which need to be kept dry?

You throw them out, don’t you?

Well here a few ideas about how very useful they can be.

As a first step  when removed from the original usage place them somewhere dry and warm or microwave them briefly to ensure max absorption when reused.

They are useful for keeping stored seeds and kernels fresh or to prolong the life of your spices since moisture is the enemy.

SilicaYour cellphone got wet, so now you place the phone and a few white bags in a ziplock bag overnight.

Also useful for your jewellery, keeps the heirlooms looking nice for longer.

Old photos and documents tend not to last, but stored with our little white bags makes them last longer.

Then there is the camera lens which can go misty with condensation when out in the rain, make sure you place some gel bags in the camera bag to keep things dry and free of rust.

I know of some people putting bags in the glove box in the car to avoid the misting up of the windscreen and keeping it clear.

Placed in your toolbox they will help to prevent rust forming on the tools.

Can’t guarantee this one, but some people swear that a few bags placed in a box with their razor helps keep the blades sharp for longer.

And then there is your Gym bag and suitcases, keep them free of mould and bacteria which produce the odours with the gel bags, and don’t forget your shoes too, no more smelly footwear in the closet.

Handy in the linen cupboard, too, and to absorb odours from old books.

Your travel make-up bag needs a few as well.

Tarnishing of silverware is similar to rust so keep some packet of gel with your precious silver for staying shiny for longer, less wear with less cleaning needed.

Christmas is coming so when you pack away your shining baubles once more, yes, add some of the little white bags to keep them looking great for next year.

Wishing you all a wonderful season of goodwill, and hopefully a great summer.Silica