The new iOS 9 for iPad and iPhone

iOS9For all our iPad and iPhone members Apple has released their iOS9 making it available for downloading. But hold your horses for a little while longer. As per usual there are always a few teething problems with new software and it pays to be patient while they are sorted out.

When ready You can download the new version from iTunes or from the internet and provided your device is no older than

iPad 2, the original iPad Air and the iPad Mini, and in the case of the phones iPhone 4S, plus iPod from the 6th generation, they should be compatible with the latest operating system.

Insuffient spaceOne more thing, you should already be using the latest version of iOS, i.e. iOS 8.4.1. and have 1.3GB of free space, which means you must have a 16GB iPhone or iPad or an even larger capacity one, because you most likely have a lot of apps, games, tunes and documents already stored. If you are one of the many always running out of space Apple will tell you by displaying a note saying “Insufficient Space for Download” and offer to temporarily delete some apps which will be returned after the installation of the upgrade to iOS 9.  Now consider for a moment the millions getting their update downloaded from Apple you might just wonder if it would be safer to free up some storage space yourself.

Settings iOSIn Settings, select General and then Manage Storage. After a bit, a listing will appear telling you what eats up all your space, and then –  tough as it is – those games, books, music that swallows your space may need pruning.

So should you back up your device first?
Yes, you should, don’t blindly click on install, back  up your iOS data. Where to? you say, well you got 5GB on iCloud [Settings/iCloud and then activate the relevant options for calendar, reminders,browser bookmarks and whatever else], scroll down to Storage and Backup, click backup. If you are told that there is insufficient Storage, click on Manage Storage, select your device, and under Backup Options choose the items you can readily restore from, say your PC or Mac, e.g. photos so Camera Roll content can be removed.

You can also back up to iTunes, now don’t holler, I know it is a tough order, but launch the app, select your device and click summary tab. If you need to, first plug in your device with the USB cable. Under Backups, click Back Up Now which will backup the data to your PC or Mac. You can also use the side bar in iTunes: Right plus Ctrl click, select Back Up. Now sit back and be patient, very patient, it is a slow business.

Why go through all that? Well you get better battery life by enabling Low Power Mode when you are running low on charge. That will turn off the most power hungry users on your phone and give up to an hour extra to get to the recharge point.

Search by SiriThe search feature is enhanced and Siri can give you suggestions as to where to find what you are seeking, whether from files, contacts or apps previously used.

There is a range of new tools for the creative part of you including a bullet point you can check off as you shop item by item on your list.

Do you take a lot of photos with your device? The iOS 9 has introduced more photo categories to help you locate your favourites again, and new albums to assist. Note also the new photo roll at the foot of your selected photo when in an album allowing you to go directly to your selection.

You also get a choice of passcode if 4 digits aren’t enough for you. Choose 6 digits or numeric or alphanumeric code. It does matter, the more digits the more security.

imageWhilst we are on about iCloud storage enable the iCloud drive app in Settings. Then the app you can use to manage your files will show on your screen. You are recommended to use it.

For a less experienced user it is easy to lose one’s way in Settings so Apple has now a search bar to get you to help you find what you are looking for the easy way.

If you were missing a Back button to allow a switch from one app to a previous one there is now a new  ‘back to xxx’ button instead of having to go via app switcher.

There are still many more features and no doubt you are taking the opportunity to learn them all with Kapiti SeniorNet’s iPad and iPhone workshops and courses to get the best from your device.

Editor’s Note: When the upgrade’s all done and dusted, go back into Settings and if you don’t have any Bluetooth Devices, you should switch Bluetooth off. For some unknown reason Apple insist on switching Bluetooth on after each and every upgrade regardless of it’s setting before you start! Bluetooth uses battery power even if it’s not paired to anything so it’s to your advantage to turn it off if you don’t need it.