Newsletter – September 2015

Newsletter for September 2015

Fire Brigade Visit

Fire Engine



During the month we had a visit from the Fire Service who spoke at the Tutors meeting and gave a detailed account of how to prepare for a fire.



The main points were:

Working smoke alarms save lives.

Install smoke alarms and test them regularly.Smoke Alarm

Have an escape plan.

Draw up an escape plan and practice it with other household members.

Get out and stay out.

In a fire, get everybody out and call 111. Whatever you do, stay out.

If you need advice regarding the installation of smoke alarms then ring the fire service who are happy to help out. Remember the life saved may be your own.

 Open Days

Come along to our open days just for a chat or you are not sure as to what a course contains then there will be someone there to advise you. At the Learning Centre Thursday 24th Sep. or Saturday 26th Sep. from 9.30am to 2.00pm.

 Windows 10 Header 1000x288

A reminder that if you have not already downloaded Windows 10 then you should wait a little longer until you hear from us. There are still constant upgrades and alterations being made to Windows 10 so we feel it’s prudent to wait a while – you have 12 months to accept the free upgrade so there’s no rush!

We are developing a workshop for members to explain Windows 10 and will advise you when it is on.


We still need tutors and it is the best way to way to keep up with the latest technology. As with all changes, special workshops are conducted for tutors as they have to know the changes that have taken place to be able to pass them on through the courses that we run. The more tutors we have the better for everyone. A great atmosphere has been created within this group of members so contact Kuini at and come along to the next Tutors Workshop on 1 October at 9:30am or to one of our Open Days and speak with one of the Lead Tutors who will be in attendance.


Last chance to renew your subscription for this financial year? You may need this as the change to Windows 10 is not far away.


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Have fun computing

Chairman Brian